A Feral cat colony in Mumbai being fed by a common Mumbai cat enthusiast.

A Feral cat colony in Mumbai being fed by a common Mumbai cat enthusiast.

by Rudolph.A.Furtado

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On Sunday (29-5-2011) I happened to be at "B.P.T Botanical Garden" in Colaba for a guided botanical tour of the garden by the B.N.H.S (Bombay Natural History Society).

As I had arrived earlier than the scheduled time of 0800 hrs, I visited the nearby famous "Sassoon Fishing dock", clicking photo's as usual.

Suddenly, outside the B.P.T (Bombay Port trust) botanical garden gate I happened to notice a group of stray cats running towards a lady.

The lady opened her bag and laid some food on the streets which the cats relished, listening to her commands akin to pet dogs.

The main "Black cat" which resembles a "Bombay cat" in appearance was a 3 legged cat, its hind right leg being totally amputated from the base of the thigh.

Black cats in India are considered unlucky amongst superstitious Indians and hence was surprised to note a feral cat thriving on the congested streets of Mumbai in spite of a severe handicap.

It proves the fact that cats are great survivors, hence the term "9-LIVES" in cat folklore and human superstition.

This particular ordinary low income woman has been feeding these cats regularly in the morning since the last 5 years.

It's rare to see people feeding stray cats in Mumbai, most of them preferring stray dogs, hence this particular woman's pet philanthropy was something unique in a city which doesn't have "social welfare" nor much of pet or animal rights activism.

This pack of feral cat colony are very lucky to have a human benefactor to feed them as street cats might not be so lucky, most leading miserable short lives. Remember the "Animal Farm" quote by George Orwell, quote, "Some animals are more equal'!

It was an excellent Sunday morning, having accomplished a photo shoot at "Sassoon Fishing Dock",a feral cat colony and its human benefactor and an education in Botany and tree conservation by Prof Dr M.R.Almeida and his students of "B.N.H.S".


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A Feral cat colony in Mumbai being fed by a common Mumbai cat enthusiast.

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May 31, 2011 I like this
by: Kathy W

What a great article. Its great to know that there are still some kikd heartede people left in this cruel world of ours. These are some lucky cats.

May 31, 2011 Very interesting
by: Ruth

Thank you for a very interesting article.
What a brave kind lady to have fed those cats for 5 years in spite of the criticism I'm sure she's had for doing it.
You unexpectedly find Earth Angels in the strangest places and it seems to me she is certainly one.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 30, 2011 A feral cat colony in Mumbai and its human benifactor.
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Michael, thanks for the appreciation of this article .It was just luck that i happened to be at the right place at the right time that enabled me to click a few photos and write this article. Colaba is quite a distance from my residence, besides i am not sure of the "Feeding time" of these stray cats, although, presume its in the early morning.Along with the "B.N.H.S Group" I will be visiting the Konkan sea side village of Guhagar in Ratnagiri district situated approx 288 Kms from Mumbai city for the next few days.As usual, photography, backpacking,wild-life observation and trekking is on the agenda, hence busy.I will be returning to Mumbai on the 7th of June and if the famous "Mumbai Monsoons" doesn't set in by that time then i would try to make a early morning trip to colaba and videograph the feeding of this feral cat colony by this unique lady.As for my pets, they are happy and lucky to be living the "fat cat life".I have posted a lot of my "Cat Videos" on "Youtube".

May 30, 2011 Like hearing from you
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph. I like hearing from you. I like India. I wonder if you are able to go back and interview this lady to find out what motivates here etc.. What are her ideas and thoughts about cats and feral cats?

I wonder too if you are able to get some video material of this sort of thing.

If you want me to help just ask. I can make the video if you send me the material on a flash card. PoC can fund the card.

Hope you are well. And love to you Persians.

Michael Avatar

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