a gods garden- met art

by Dale Lucore
(Eureka, Mt. USA)

A Cat in God's Garden

A Cat in God's Garden

Rising star in the digital art world Dale Lucore proves that great art springs from the quality of the artist working from his cabin in the woods of Eureka.

The reclusive artist recently created waves in the abstract art world with his "pure digital creations". Lucore’s work now rivets visitors in galleries from London to Cape Town, South Africa, and Los Angeles to New York.

Compared by some to the work of Salvador Dali, Lucore’s complex creations feature layers of images, fearsome to joyful, abstract to verging on realism, executed in vibrant color to tone on tone.

Lucore is as unusual as his work. a met art

"I’m Google-able now," Lucore said with a laugh. "I thought that was pretty neat. I’m cyber-famous".

People interested in viewing Lucore’s work online will find his work displayed at http://www.artistrising.com/galleries/Lucore
People may also contact him by e-mail at: DaleLucore@yahoo.com.

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a gods garden- met art

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May 20, 2010
by: Anonymous


Mar 16, 2010
do i have a cat ,answer is yes
by: By me Dale Lucore yes my cats name is MIK its a blue tip tabby kuit rambunckous

i have a cat ,answer is yes

Sep 24, 2009
Hi Dale
by: Michael

Well, I for one like your art works. And I particularly like Gods Garden. Obviously all art is subjective beyond the necessary skills which can be measured objectively.

You have great skill it seems to me. I prefer the "old fashioned" stuff but that is just me. Gods Garden is a bit more old fashioned and it is a landscape picture in it own way and I love nature and the land (I know I am over simplifying things).

Is it true that you live in a log cabin in Montana or am I dreaming?

You've got another picture of a cat! Do you live with a cat? If so tell us please.

Sep 23, 2009
what do you think about my art work by Dale Lucore??
by: Dale Lucore

What do you think about my art works by Dale Lucore , im just feeling as if its good enough, always feeling this way and wondering about it????

Sep 23, 2009
This art work "Gods Garden,
by: Anonymous

This art work "Gods Garden, just took 1st place & Peoples Choice Award At a Prestgious Awards show

Sep 03, 2009
Dale Lucore takes 1st and Peoples Choice-
by: Anonymous

This Last week of August 2009, Dale Lucore entered this art work called "Gods Garden" into the art show at the Lincoln County Fair, in Eureka, Montana and the Painting took 1st place overall Blue ribbon, and took the prestigious award of Peoples Choice "a Large purple rosette type ribbon award".
-"Congratulations to you Dale....on the two awards,great work!"

Jan 04, 2009
Nice Work
by: Anonymous

I should have made a comment earlier. I like your work. Thanks for the submission.

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