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A Good Controlled Cat Owner Surrender — 7 Comments

  1. Since I opened the original email at my office, I thought it was a restriction due to the business. At home, though, I got an error message as well, saying to update my browser, although my software automatically updates. Strange. I’ll try a different browser and will let you know.

    • Interesting. Chrome or Firefox will play it. Chrome is the most popular browser and Firefox is very tolerant. They are free downloads. I use Firefox mainly.

      • Funny thing is, Chrome is the default browser I set up, lol. I’ll try it again tonight when I get home. If nothing else, I’ll try firefox. Thanks!

        • Oh dear. Maybe you need to update Adobe Flash Player. Also sometimes videos are restricted to certain regions although that should not apply to you.

  2. Although I couldn’t view the video, the story makes a lot of sense. When seniors adopt our cats, one query is to their backup plan should they become infirmed or otherwise unable to care for the cat any longer. Surprisingly, most have a backup plan. In our area, most senior facilities allow at least one cat (or very small dog); sometimes two cats are allowed. There are rules in place and the seniors must have a backup plan for the cat, which is part of their contract. We did have a local home who recently took in a senior cat as the ‘house cat’ after the senior lady passed. The woman’s caretaker made arrangements with the home ahead of time and everyone loved the cat, so they came to an agreement. It’s been a couple years now, but that cat is still bringing joy to the other residents. Win-win all around.

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