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A good man, cat lover and animal advocate slashed, beaten and murdered allegedly by a female escort

Philadelphia, USA: Al Chernoff, 59, loved cats. He cared more about animals than himself, we are told. He would never let them go without food and he would starve himself in order to feed his cats. He loved all animals and people and was a good man. He built shelters for feral and stray cats in the city. He was an army veteran and an airport employee.

Al Chernoff with one of his cats. Photo: CBS3

“Al was amazing. Anything you needed, he would do, he was known for building shelters for all the feral and stray cats in the city…He was a good man. He was always there when you needed him.” – Angelo Ruffo

Chernoff cared for 11 cats of his own together with three turtles and two frogs. He was found dead inside his bedroom. He lived in a Rhawnhurst duplex at 8400 block on Algon Avenue. The police say that he had a large wound on his head, gashes on his chest and was naked and partially tied to his bed. Neighbors were alerted at 3am on hearing screams. Rescues have taken the cats in.

The police are looking for a woman, believed to be an escort, who also allegedly robbed him.

“When we would get animals sent to us as far as California and Arizona, Al was the one who made sure everything worked out and that they could be picked up by the foster families,” Buzz Miller a friend said.

Miller has volunteered to pay for Chernoff’s funeral. He said that it is the least he can do for a man who was so selfless. The police are waiting for the exact cause of death and so far no arrests have been made.


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Source: 3 CBS Philly.

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