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A ‘health issue’ meant Animal Control dumped road kill cat on landfill — 5 Comments

  1. No matter how or why it happens, my heart breaks for all the animals that suffer and die a traumatic death in this way. 😭😱

  2. @ A.C.O no pet parent deserves ye kind of apathy,ye sort had ye said that to my face ye would find yeself in a painful position and with that said I’m also pissed that the owner didnt believe her friend when she called to tell her that her cat had been killed and was on the side of the road,after her cat not showing up for a few days (a few days????) then she found out it was her cat that was tossed in the landfill.

  3. When you let your cats roam they pay the price. I am also out of sympathy for people who let their dogs and cats roam and then cry when the animal is killed on the road or simply vanishes.
    On the contrary to the AC officer mentioned above I would have taken the time to make sure the animals owner knew they died. But I would have not a good word for the failed guardians to take comfort in.

  4. In the recent inimitable words of one female animal-control officer, “I have seen so many road-kill cats in my lifetime that I now have absolutely no sympathy for those who claim to love cats yet have no problems throwing their own cats to their deaths. They got exactly what they deserved.”

    This will help you to understand why law-enforcement also doesn’t care at all anymore what happens to cats. Cat owners don’t care one bit, why on earth should they.

    • Well, your comment is very poor. This Animal Control officer has the responsibility to see to it that this cat was given back to his owner. He failed in that task. What the owner did in letting her roam was stupid but not illegal. You can’t divert blame away from Animal Control. They made a mistake.

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