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A law that forbids feeding community cats is counter to conscience — 1 Comment

  1. If the only option is to kill the feral then cooperation will never happen. I have had feral feral feral cats that I was quite fond of. TNR can and does reduce the feral / stray population in a humane sane way and it allows anyone to contribute to their care without the guilt of helping to bring more unwanted kittens into the world. Sadly AC and other government entities want to regulate behavior only and not tap into human psychology to get cooperation. The WGA Western Governors Association declared feral cats an invasive species. I started a thread here and let them know on their FB page what I thought about it. This kind of action is not conducive to controlling a 100% man made problem nor is it going to be good for any house, stray, outdoor , community or outright feral that meets up with a cat hater with new validation under their belt to kill ,poison and just in general be mean to cats. Yes I am on a soap box…why do you ask ?

    I posted this on another site. The most common theme of all the kill feral cats arguments is the failure to address the issue of where they came from in the first place in terms as harsh as cat haters give for exterminating feral cats. We can never even begin to abate the population of abandoned and born feral felines if we do not go after those that will provide fodder for cat haters to kill over and over. It will be an endless cycle of just killing.
    If you ever have to call an exterminator for bugs or rodents the first thing they do is try to identify the source of the problem not just lob poison and traps all over.

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