A letter from a cat owner to the person who shot her cat

Another case of animal cruelty made the headlines this week when Oronoco, Minnesota resident Desirae Pegram’s cat was found shot through the head June 29. The family’s vet in Plainview checked out Two, a beautiful young male and found a bullet lodged in a cheekbone, barely missing an artery and his brain. Two is scheduled for surgery July 11.

After the accident
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Desirae posted a letter to the person who shot her cat on her Facebook page

To: The man who shot my cat,

I don’t know who you are or where you live, so I’m writing this letter hoping you will see this. I want you to know that the cat you shot was not “just a cat”, he is a family member, a kid’s best friend, a piece of my perfect family and most importantly a fighter!!!

I want you to know he is not dead and will make it!!! He will survive the thousands of dollars of surgeries that he will need to restore his beautiful face!! He will survive not being able to eat hard food ever again!!! He will survive the new fear of strangers!!! He will survive the pain you caused him!! He will survive!!

I’m not asking you to turn yourself in. I’m not asking you to pay the huge vet bills. All I ask from you is… put yourself in our shoes and try to see that you did not just hurt our cat, but you hurt the people who love that cat deeply. He might just be a cat to you, but he is a child to my husband and I and a best friend to all the kids in this town!

Next time a cat decides to cross your path, remember that the “cat” you see is not just a “cat” but a huge piece of someone’s family, so when you pull that trigger you are not just killing the “cat” but you are hurting the people who love him or her also.

The “cats” FAMILY

Two before he was shot

Desirae is upset, not only because the family cat is a best friend to the family but because Two was shot right in town where someone could have been injured. He was shot near the main city park after he’d gotten loose.

Dr. Nate Eversman of Plainview Vet Clinic stated in an interview with Fox News

“We’re not sure what kind of bullet at this point until we can do the surgery and remove it, but I’d say it’s a very lucky scenario based on where the wound is.”

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More than $1,000 has been spent to date to save Two’s life. Much more is needed to ensure he gets the best of care. A GoFundMe webpage has been set up to take donations and to post updates.


17 thoughts on “A letter from a cat owner to the person who shot her cat”

  1. I’m hoping that Desirae’s writing helped her in some way to cope a little with such horrific pain that she’s suffering.
    Sadly, though, it’s been my experiences and readings that these sorts of maniacs feel nothing for the cat and loved ones and aren’t moved by anything. They are void of remorse or any sort of emotion.

    • They care about the cat and its owner to the very same extent that the cat and its owner care about all other lives. Meaning: Absolutely NONE. Including even how much the cat owners “care” about the lives of their own cats, contrary to what they say. Total lies revealed by their animal-neglect and animal-endangerment behaviors and values. The cat’s owner proves this every time they let their cat roam free to die no matter how. Just like you do. The owner doesn’t even really care about the life of their own cat. They only use any cat and the eventual death of any cat for attention and pity for themselves, no other reason. 100% self-victimizing behavior, sacrificing the lives of cats for attention and pity. How much clearer does their message have to be before you get it?

      • The vast majority of free-roaming domestic cats don’t die in some grizly way but of old age with an old age disease. You paint a highly biased picture. And you are rude therefore you can’t comment without moderation. Moderate your language.

        • I do not know were you live but I have never known anyone who had an indoor/outdoor cat live past age 7 without being mauled in some way. I have had completely indoor cats live to be 17 years old. Non and I mean non that have ever been allowed outside are living today. My current indoor cat is still alive at age 14. All my indoor/outdoor cats were mauled by dogs, hit by a cars and been the victims of being shot with darts, pellets and BB’s.

          • The US is more dangerous for outdoor cats because of predators. In Europe and in the UK particularly the domestic cat has no predator really and therefore the indoor/outdoor cat lives almost as long on average as the indoor cat. There are also less people shooting at cats in the UK and there are less feral dogs. There are more cars though! Thanks Gina.

      • I would like to explain why I wrote the letter the way I did. I wanted to address the letter in a way that the shooter would understand. We can all say the shooter obviously does not have any care about animals. So for me to talk about how my cat suffered would be a waste of time. I know that my cat has suffered, because I felt the pain when I looked into his eyes! The shooter will never see or feel that, because of his/her lack of love towards animals. Unfortunately, I can’t change how someone feels. So I addressed the letter towards humans and their feelings. I was hoping the shooter would connect emotionally by telling him/her how it made us feel as humans. You can’t make someone love something, but you can connect with them on a different level where they understand the pain and suffering that a certain action has caused. I feel that the shooter would have no remorse for my cats feelings, but I’m hoping he/she would for human feelings. I’m not saying this is right, but I do feel if the shooter sees this and connects emotionally, it may help him/her think twice before shooting another helpless animal.

        Now… as far as the cat getting out. It was a complete accident that the cat got out! Trust me I feel horrible that this happened, and I’m just as much to blame as the shooter!

        • Great comment Desirae and I agree with all you write. You wrote a great open letter. If your comment was intended to be a response to T.Gibbs don’t mind him. This is a pseudonym for the well-known troll Woodsman001 aka Jim Stephenson.

            • Your one problem. The cat shooter revels in the pain you feel. For how many thousands of animals that you tortured to death by letting your vermin cats roam free. If it got out once, it most certainly got out many times before. And this is why the shooter decided that no arguing with you in your lifetime will make you a responsible pet-owner. Even Micheal Broad enjoyed letting his vermin cat roam free to torture thousands of animals and even justified it to the world. You and he are absolutely NO different. You completely deserve the shooting of your vermin cat and every bit of pain you and it experienced. Maybe now you’ll understand what you are doing to all other life on earth with your vermin cats.

              May you and your cats rot in the hell that you all deserve.

              • Your assumption is wrong my friend! I can say this as a fact, because it is me who you are talking about, and it’s my cat who got shot! I also know what evidence has been obtained to back up this statement. Once they are done with the investigation I will share that information with you. Assumptions are fact-less story’s people ponder up in their head. Assuming is very easy to do and I have been guilty of doing it also. Just remember opinion is more powful when you have ALL the facts! Also, Opinion can be expressed in a positive way even thought you dont agree. Maybe try that next time? Thanks for your time and concern.

      • The cat was not let out to wander on purpose. It got out by accident. This type of cat is not usually let to wonder its a very expensive, exotic cat breed that owners are usually very cautious to prevent their escape. The person who shot it may have thought it was a wild animal and they were doing everyone a favor by shooting it. I myself would have been more interested in catching it in a live trap and have the wildlife people take a look at it but that is me.

    • The bullet was just removed and was taken by the police department for evidence. They will be doing a Full investigation.

  2. Prayers for total recuperation of your baby I am so sorry about this action with your lovely cat. I am very upset because people like that are walking free at streets doing these cruelties to innocent creatures.


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