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  1. Modern day “Born Free” saga.Apoplogise for drifting from the topic to the topic of tame domesticated elephants.According to me no large wild animal can be considered 100% as pets with humans. I have just returned from a visit to ‘Guruvayur Temple in Kerala to witness the “ELEPHANT RACE” held annually.A elephant got wild and overturned a tractor and its water tank trailer.I was a few meters away when this incident happened and for the first time in my life got to see “Elephant Damage”.Miraculously no human was hurt and the elephant taken away with things getting to normal.”Sirga” the lioness is semi-wild and it is not normal for a big cat to be human friends.Elephants have been domesticated for centuries in India akin to horses and yet at times they do get violent.I have posted a photo of the overturned vehicles which seems like a road accident rather than “ELEPHANT RAGE”.Guruvayur is World famous for its elephants and elephant temple festival.

    • I agree with you. Elephant rage is quite often reported in British newspapers. I believe they are unhappy and lose their temper. You were lucky to witness and example first hand. It is sad though. Sometimes they trample people to death during one of these rages.

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