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A Lion Wins in Lion Versus Tiger Fight — 10 Comments

  1. Hey tiger fans dont bellive that i have a prove that this is a white female lion , every one knows that lions have some hair on theyr tails while tigers donet , try to see the female white lion’s tail in 0:33 that lion fan is just a liaaaar! liar liar and hey liar you maybe can treck them but i know all tigers kinds and i can know the tiger’s kind when i see it BUT THAT WAS A LION YOU BIG LIAR AND I GOT THE PROVE!

  2. and hey ideiot the pic in the first is lion taking smell of the place not roaring and he looks like a ideiot just for knowing -_-

  3. And by the way if you really want to keep the lion as “the king of the jungle” its okay, because a warrior is much stronger than a king that just stays in a castel with guards and bla bla, and you know who i mean When i say a Warrior.

    • And about the vedeo you have no prove that this tiger is siberian, or adult, or even if he was a male. But if that was a siberian tiger, he is not adult, or its a female, if its Not Just prove it OR bring another vedeo ideiot CUZ any one -just rich people :P- can simply bring a male african lion and feed hem until he is so fat and bring any tiger and say its siberian -_- daah, i want a vedio from Scientist, not a vedio from an lion lover Duh.

  4. i know thats a old website..but that vedeo was a Male african lion and ofcourse A FEMAIL siberian..or maybe even bengal tiger – bengal tigers can be white-, and a male siberian tiger will maybe kill a african male lion in a fight.
    lion fans just say lion would win bcuz of the old “myth” “the king of the jungle”, -lions dont even live in the jungle- and they say that because he has a hair around hes neck and on hes head so it looks like a croun.
    i love lions..i love all cats and big cats, but i hate how much people say that lion owns tiger and bla bla bla, and just to know, tigers is the most loved animal in the world for 2011 or 2010, and the last thing about the lion roar that people say tigers cant do it -_- it’s so wrong Bcuz in the fact you can hear the lion’s roar from 5 miles while you can hear the tiger’s roar from 4 miles, and thats not that much diffrent -_- , and i am not saying hate lion, lions are cool and stronge, but not a match to Male Siberian Tiger.

  5. in many incidents around the world ….it is proved that siberian tiger killing african lion…lion’s jaws are no match to amur’s …lions dont have much fighting abilities cause they hunt in. packs but tigers always hunt single and hence they have more successful fighting tactics….

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