Wanting a short haired dwarf cat

Wanting a short haired dwarf cat

by jazlyn

if anyone has a shorthaired dwarf cat then email JazyFresh1216@aim.com I want one so bad they’re so cute and little . And if you live near richmond, indiana I’ll love it even more.


What kind of Cat is this?

by John
(Northeast Tenn.)

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I came across a fairly large cat dead on the side of the road I have seen pictures of mountain lions in this area but after stopping I did not believe it was a mountain lion but I did not know what it was could you tell me?


My Cat Liqorish



Wow, I have been trying to find out what breed my beautiful cat Liqorish is and i think i found it. he looks just like the cat in the photo. Me and my partner have had our cat for nearly a year and a half we saw an add in the local newsletter free kittens!!

And when we saw licorish we fell in love he is the most loyal affectionate cat i have ever had if anything he is more like a dog he is not snobby at all he always responds when you call his name he licks my hands all the time and follows me everywhere even in the shower a few times before he doesn't care if he gets wet he also sits for certain treats we love him so much so happy to no what breeds he is.


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