A lonely pup chooses an abandoned kitten as her new best friend: Now they’re Instagram celebrities

This is the story of Raven and Woodhouse, who met and became best friends. Our tale begins when Christina and her fiance Vincent decided to adopt a dog together.

Raven and Woodhouse (Instagram)
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The couple decided on a Tamaskan because they’d heard the breed was good around kids and small pets. It took awhile to find a breeder, but eventually 8-week-old Raven joined the family.

Raven was adopted as a puppy, but as an only pet, she was very lonely at times. Since Christina had grown up with cats and Vincent with dogs, the two decided to allow Raven to pick out a kitty companion only a few weeks after she was adopted.


First, the couple went to adoption events at Petsmart and Petco, but no kittens were available. They decided to visit Lubbock Animal Shelter so Raven could pick out a brother. The staff asked Vincent and Christina to return at 3 p.m. that afternoon when new kittens were scheduled to arrive.

In an interview with Petcha.com, Christina explained

“It had been almost a life goal for myself to have a puppy and kitten that grew up together, since introducing older pets to either cats or dogs doesn’t always go to plan. I wanted them to grow up and bond together.”

Raven instantly bonded with a kitten named Woodhouse. The beautiful little male tabby had been abandoned and ended up in the shelter. Woodhouse was the first kitten brought out for the “meet and greet.” The two furbabies did an inspection of each other and were curious about each other. Three other kittens were brought out just to be sure Raven wouldn’t approve of one of them more than she did of Woodhouse.

Big yawn! (Instagram)

When Raven was a puppy, she was very shy. The other kittens at the meet and greet would hiss and spit at her, causing Raven to back up from all of them. Woodhouse was again brought out, and Raven approached her and fell in love.

The two best friends are very close in age. Raven was born May 20, 2015, and it’s estimated Woodhouse was born around June 10, 2015. They’ve become a sensation on social media, with 72.5K followers on Instagram!

It’s not every day a puppy falls in love with a kitten, but when they do, it makes for a very happy ending.


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