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A ‘manifesto for cats’: Cat charity to launch its 10-point proposal at the House of Commons — 5 Comments

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. I would add no declawing or devocalizing in there, but this is a great start. At least they are trying to do something about it. I hope it passes.

    • Dan: We’re fortunate that in the UK, declawing and devocalisation have never been done. Even before they became illegal, vets refused to even consider performing such an act of animal cruelty.

      These procedures are also banned in all member countries of the E.U. under animal welfare legislation 🙂

  2. I wish the government would have a cat welfare manifesto but I’ll be very surprised if any of the parties do.
    The present ones in power don’t care about people, let alone animals. Worse still, if the Conservatives or UKIP win the election in May they intend to reverse the hunting with dogs law we fought so hard to get 10 years ago and which Labour passed.
    I think Labour are best for animal welfare but the state our country is in cats will be way down the list of priorities even for them.

    • I agree that Labour or the perhaps the Greens are the best for animal welfare. I’d love one of these parties to put at least some of these suggestions in their manifesto. I firmly believe it will promote the party. It is just a struggle to get politicians to really think about companion animal welfare. I guess they are too wrapped up in their human-centric world.

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