A Meowy Christmas

A Meowy Christmas

by Anastasia
(Whitby, Ontario)

Stretching and paying with my foot!

Stretching and paying with my foot!

Stretching and paying with my foot! Relaxing Sleepy Boys

Hi. My name is Anastasia. I'm 21 and I'm from a good-sized town in Ontario called Whitby. I live in the country on a 'farm' type land with little neighbors.

This year for Christmas, my boyfriend was unsure of what to get me, and he told me in passing that he had thought about getting me a cat because I talked about it a few times. 3 days before Christmas he asked if it would be okay if he got me a cat. I was ecstatic and said 'of course! I've always kind-of wanted a Siamese'. So being how I am, I searched for breeders and over craigslist and kijiji, and at the time I had no idea there was such a beautiful cat like the Flame Point Siamese... But there on kijiji the first picture that came up was Tango, my new Siamese cat.

He came from a small pet store about an hour from my house, in Peterborough. The employees there were very fond of the playful little 5 month old kitten and were glad to see him eager to get to his new home with his loving new companions (me and my boyfriend, Sean). We spent a lot of money (scratching post, food, toys, litter, etc.) because my boyfriend wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to be happy with us from the start. He had never had a pet cat in his life, only dogs, but as soon as he saw/held/played with Tango he was absolutely smitten, as was I.

Tango had came with a health guarantee where if I took him for an exam within 4 days of coming home with us, if anything were to be found wrong, they would replace the money/cat. He had only had his deworm shot at this point also .. so 2 days later I took him to get his shots and exam and all went well (although he was very sleepy after those shots! haha.)

Tango was the best thing to happen to us, he is like a baby to us. He stays with me at my house because my boyfriend has 2 "hunting" dogs who would probably love to snack on Tango :(. When Sean leaves my house it is hard for him to leave Tango behind, he is just so adorably and friendly!


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A Meowy Christmas

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Dec 25, 2010
by: Barbara

I think you all sound very happy and Tango looks well settled already, I am so pleased that you bought him a scratching post, that is all he needs to keep his claws, paws and stretching muscles healthy. Yes, please do keep him safe from those hunting dogs. I wish you many happy years with Tango.

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