A Message to Kristen Lindsey from Leroy

By Jean Salyer

This is a message I wrote to Kristen Lindsey from the viewpoint of a feral cat. The message was posted on Facebook a couple of months ago, but never actually sent to Lindsey, since I did not know her address……

Cats deserve to live

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Hello Kristen.

I won’t call you Dr. Lindsey because real doctors are healers, not killers. I am a formerly feral cat and there are a few things you should know about me and other feral cats. First of all, we did not ask for the kind of life we are forced to live. We are often cold, lonely and hungry. We are always frightened. Some of us are lucky enough to have humans to give us food. Even though our lives are hard, we still want to live. Don’t you?

Can you explain why you hate us so much: because we are “feral” or because we are cats? Kristen, I would like to know how feral you would become if you were suddenly dropped off in the mountains of Afghanistan, with no hope of ever getting home, with only the clothes on your back. How feral would you be if you were lost in a hostile land where you desperately need help, but you know that seeking it will cost you your life; where you define a good day as a day when no one has tried to kill you; where you define a great day as a day when you find a little food.

I am one of the lucky ones. I survived many years on the streets for 2 reasons — I did not trust humans (there are too many like you out there), and I had a caregiver who brought me food daily. My caregiver trapped me for the second time (I was TNR’d when I was young) and took me to her home. At first I was terrified, but in time I learned to trust and now I am an indoor kitty, happy, healthy and living the good life. So why do you think the only fate I deserve is to be killed by you and people like you?

I still remember the true meaning of fear, and I know what Tiger went thru at your merciless hands. What I don’t know is why. What did cats – feral or tame – ever do to you to make you want to kill us? Did you murder Tiger just to impress a few rednecks with your cruelty? Did your heart shrivel up to the point where there is just no room for mercy? All of your bragging tells me you had a pretty easy life, so where did so much mindless hatred come from? Did Tiger approach you expecting some affection or did you sneak up on him? Did you trap him or wound him before killing him with the arrow? How did you inflict the wound on his hind leg?

I suspect you cannot understand why hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are calling for justice for Tiger. For you, this means losing your license and going to prison. Tiger will live on in the memory of everyone seeking justice. You will be remembered also, but not in the way you had hoped for.


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30 thoughts on “A Message to Kristen Lindsey from Leroy”

  1. Yes but if you frustrate psychos by deleting them…they could retaliate by carrying out their threats against animals…They are sociopaths…like that Sam Woodsman you wrote about…a sociopath who enjoys engaging others in conversations about killing… It’s how they get off…If they’re frustrated, they DO it… It’s like serial killers and sadistic porn…
    The only way to deal with them permanently, is when they’re gone from the earth… sorry to say…but the truth…

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that many people condone the mistreatment of feral animals, particularly cats. There are so many miserable people in the world who feel a release by torturing vulnerable animals, and watching them suffer. Trolls remind us that we live among mentally ill or people who grew sick because they were neglected or abused by someone they trusted. Our mental health system and/or the lack of judges willing to enforce the cruelty laws certainly don’t help control these behaviors. Our jails are full so the court lets them go, or puts the on probation. These type of abusers are so angry and tormented that they eventually turn to some sort of human tortures, mentally and physically hurting their partners, children, parent friends, or homeless people.. Animals cruelty is their gateway drug to human torture. The sort of people we are dealing with who set out to abuse feral animals are rarely able to be rehabilitated. They believe that it’s their right to inflict pain, since the world or people in it has done them wrong. In some cases these types of individuals may believe they are performing a public service. example; feral cat killing and torture.


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