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A Murderer in their Midst? — 5 Comments

  1. I’m shocked that the AVMA don’t publicly list their members. I don’t understand why they conceal that information from the public. It doesn’t make sense and isn’t a very good foundation for building trust. How do Americans verify their vet genuinely has the qualifications to match the certificates hanging on their wall?

    The UK’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has a public register where we can search both vets and vet nurses. In just a matter of seconds, we can verify their qualifications and the date they were registered with the RCVS. Or we can search by veterinary practise for full details of staff. The RCVS web site also lists the outcomes of all Disciplinary Committee hearings from the past three years.

    The RCVS isn’t perfect, but being upfront about basic information the public has a right to know, can only help to promote confidence in the profession.

    • Sandra: The e-mails I sent to Ju*************@av**.org haven’t been rejected back to me, so perhaps it was a glitch when you tried e-mailing them yesterday.

      I had a quick look on the AVMA’s web site and there’s no mention on there of the case, but on 11th July they unveiled their new “Our passion. Our Profession” initiative, supposedly giving vets more opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions. This particular comment in the article caught my eye;

      ““Our passion. Our profession,” reassures our members that they are our passion and our profession. It also elicits a sense of pride among our members and is grounded in the deep-rooted passion you have for animals and your professional role in preserving both human and animal health.”

      I’ve quoted that article and asked the AVMA if they believe the actions of Ms Lindsey will have made one single vet proud to have her as a fellow member. If this is a new era for the AVMA, then surely her ‘deep-rooted passion’ for trophy-hunting pets, instead of ‘preserving’ their health, should disqualify her as a member?

      I’m not holding my breath for a response, but I did make a point of saying that I was writing from the U.K. and that like many others worldwide, am closely following this case. I want them to understand that what Lindsey did was so sickeningly cruel, that it has outraged not just locals, or even Americans, but animal lovers worldwide.

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