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A new way to abandon a cat and be cruel at the same time — 7 Comments

  1. What sort of low life scum would do this.let’s bring back the death penalty in all countries so scum like this can be dealt with properly.

    • This person’s actions reflects the attitude of billions of people on the planet towards animals. In general people are too arrogant towards animals. We think we are superior and animals can be used and abused. Although there are a huge number of people who are kind towards animals there are far too many who are not.

  2. Truth be told…there are people in this world Who are so utterly contemptible, disgusting & evil!! They’re heartless and don’t care about what they do. No matter how wrong, unethical or cruel it is. Any .. I mean ANYONE who mistreats an animal in this way needs to be stomped down hard. Preferably have the same thing done to their worthless hides!!!

  3. praying for this baby, and KARMA to the perpetrators. . . God will see that justice is done. . . they will have to answer to Him one day. . .

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