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A Note About Cat Vaccine Reactions — 4 Comments

  1. It seems to me that most of the vaccine related warnings originate from the USA. I’m not sure if that’s because research there is more indepth/advanced, or perhaps incidents of adverse reactions are more likely to be reported.

    There’s also the question as to whether it’s down to the type or brand of vaccines used. I may have misunderstood, but ‘live’ vaccines are considered safer than ‘dead’ ones, because the latter often have aluminium salts added to stimulate the immune response. (Aluminium has been found in excised tumours.)

    Whatever the reasoning,it’s nevertheless a worry for those of us who do allow our cats access to a garden.

    Last year when I asked my UK vet about the risk of vaccine associated sarcomas, he told me that in his 35+ years as a vet, he’d only ever seen 4 cases and one was a cat who’d never been vaccinated. He had however seen hundreds of cats become seriously ill or die as a result of not being vaccinated. I’ve used this vet for a long time and trust him, so I’ve decided to continue with vaccinations for as long as my cats choose to go out.

    • Nice thought in the last paragraph – the benefits outweigh the risks provided the vaccination is not overdone with unnecessary boasters or unnecessary vaccinations. There is a more sensible approach nowadays by vets I feel.

  2. It’s an unnecessary risk for an indoor cat. I don’t want to do anything that may result in unwell feelings,
    even for a short time.

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