A note: an example of how a raw diet can improve cat health

A lady was selling Hills prescription diet dry food on Facebook because her cat wouldn’t eat it. Sandy recommended that she send it back to the retailer for a refund and pointed out the poor ingredients in so called prescription diets sold by vets.

A friend of the lady became interested with what Sandy had to say about dry prescription diets and then contacted her by writing:

Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough response. I will pass it on! I had a cat years ago with FIV and I put her on an all raw diet from Feed This! in Forestville. She transformed before my eyes into such a healthy animal. It was amazing.

I will follow up on your resources. Thanks again for your generous response!


Feed This Inc! has been a producer of raw diets for cats and dogs for 15 years. They provide an interesting slice of information about the ubiquitous dry cat food (kibble) that is today the major cat food food.

Kibble came about in around the 1940s. It appears that it was developed to help large kennels feed their animals more efficiently and also to provide food for military dogs. It seems the convenience of the food allowed it to become extremely popular and the business boomed. They say that cats adapted to it And added that it is the reason behind busy veterinary clinics!

In the UK, we can’t buy prepared raw cat food. Period. Sandy, says that having been told about Feed This! she discovered that there is an outlet nearby. How lucky she is. I would be down there like a shot if there was a provider of raw cat food a mile from where I lived.

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