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A part of the domestic cat’s brain can measure time — 4 Comments

  1. Please let readers know that these are groups of neurons firing together like a ballet, a dance, in the same choreography as the original event. These groups of neurons respond, fire, in the same pattern as the original event, in those particular areas associated with each of the senses. This is the best way I can explain it as a layperson. Feedback? Thanks.

  2. Extrapolated from mice…

    Behaviourist lab based science has such a long way to go.

    Computer modelling could have provided more reliable results.

    Ethology is the answer. But it requires that science truly observes the being in their own environment. Perception of time can be established, without isolated, crude behaviourism.

    Life is not about crude behaviourism.

    • Do you believe that cats have brain cells which can measure time? It makes sense to me. I guess humans have them and the cat has a similar physiology.

      • Of course I do, similar behaviours between different species have shown time and time again, the presence of similar neurological structures and processes.

        EG: Mammals have been shown to demonstrate complex emotions, even when they have little in the way of pre-frontal cortex. The complex emotions just occur in other parts of the brain. See Francis Crick Institute for further info.

        Shame that living beings have to be experimented on in synthesised mock ups of their actual living environment, and often killed as a conclusion to observation.

        One day, ethology will knock crude behaviourism/vivisection based experimentation to establish the psychology of all species, off of the thrones, we will all benefit.

        One day the emperor will actually wear some clothes!

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