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A Predominant Feline Emotion: Frustration — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t see frustration in the above list. Most of the cats I have had show their frustration in a look that says “I’m going to bite you if you don’t stop that stupid behavior!” following that with a hiss.

  2. Well, interesting…
    In my world, frustration is a precursor to anger.
    I can’t really relate to the list above.
    What signs I experience are squinted, intense eyes, contracted pupils, and avoidance if we’re talking about a domesticated cat. A semi-feral would display some aggression rather than avoidance such as slapping a caretaker’s hand.

  3. Another questionable study by people who may or may not be that familiar with cats. Without looking at it: how it was done, questioning things, I can’t understand it or it’s conclusions. As Michael, I don’t recognize some of it or get the “yeah, they do that don’t they!”. I’ll actually observe my cats with these things in mind to give it a real world smell test.

    • You echo my thoughts Albert. I think scientist want to get some recognition for personal gain and they dream up a study on cats because they know cats are popular on the internet but as you say they are probably not cat “owners”. Long term, experienced cat owners could tell them a thing or two about cat emotions and behavior.

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