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A professional boxer has left his neighbor disabled for life after attacking her because her cat defecated outside his front door — 23 Comments

  1. Terrible. In India “POISONING” or problem cats or dogs is not uncommon especially stray dogs since they are sometimes a nuisance due to their barking.This case in Moscow is a horror of horrors and seems to me like some old enmity besides the “Cat” was a reason for this brutal attack by the boxer on this helpless woman.Murders have taken place in the past regarding “Pets”.

  2. You obviously have some issues; Go seek professional help (ASAP)!!!! Like I said before; Men that assault women are nothing but fucking cowards…they have no guts to go up against another guy…so they pick on say a woman, or children, or animals, or old people. A spineless, gutless, fucking douche bag coward…that needs to get their asses kicked. Better yet…have their nuts/peckers lopped off…stuck in a blender…pureed..and poured down their own throats. Why? Because …they are not using them anyway. Mind you…this douche bag will find out what real abuse is…in prison!!! NOW THAT WILL BE HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. Maybe this psycho can practice his boxing in prison. He obviously has no problem assaulting a woman. Let’s see what happens when he gets put in a place, where they will beat the crap out of him daily!!! He likes attacking a woman…he most likely will become someones woman in prison!!! This COWARD attacked a woman and needs to have the same done to him. Guys like this will go after anyone…animals, women, kids, elderly people. That’s what cowards do. I hope he rots in prison (where he belongs)!!!

  4. I guess it’s only fair. Otherwise the boxer, any of his family, any of his neighbors; could have suffered from irreparable brain-damage, memory-loss, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, ADHD, blindness, a 2-fold increase in suicide, or any of the other lifelong maladies now proved to have come from cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites in 70% of all free-roaming cats’ feces. Not to mention dying from cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasite if he should ever have his immune-system compromised by disease, chemo or immunosuppressive therapies. Seems fair. Not to mention the 3dozen+ other deadly zoonotic diseases that stray cats are spreading to all humans and all other wildlife and other cats today. Seems more than fair.

      • No, but it most certainly shows why you fail to recognize the very source of all these maladies. Enjoy your brain damage, but then, how would you ever know that some worm in your brain is telling you what you need to believe to ensure its existence if someone else didn’t tell you that that’s why you do it. This is why so many people inexplicably leap to their deaths, sever an artery, or run-out into high-speed traffic to end some alien invader controlling their thoughts and lives. It’s only a matter of time for you.

  5. Hokhlov clearly has anger management issues and people like that are often ticking time-bombs just awaiting any excuse to lash out. (Note how he also threatened the passerby.) It’s why they always pick victims they know are not in a position to defend themselves. They never take on anyone bigger or stronger than themselves.

    That poor woman may never recover from her injuries, so I hope he gets a lengthy prison sentence for this senseless act of violence.

      • I don’t know about Russian law, but in the UK judges will often hand out harsher sentences to professional boxers, martial arts experts etc., involved in acts of physical violence because their hands are rightly considered to be lethal weapons. Hokhlov knew exactly the kind of injuries he was inflicting and the damage they would cause. If the police had not turned up he would have continued until that women was dead.

  6. A truly sad story, Michael. Being that I really don’t know the circumstances surrounding the incident, I’m not sure what to say other than I hope he got some kind of punishment for disabling the lady for life. What a sick, sick world we live in. . .

    • My sentiments entirely. Not sure what truly happened. It is probably more than the press say it is but…this is sick and tragic. If he truly hated cats he would have hurt the cat. That would have solved his problem. Perhaps not. Perhaps she feeds outdoor cats. There are a lot of stray cats in Russia it seems. We are not getting the full detail I believe.

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