A Rarely Talked about Benefit That Domestic Cats Bring to Cat Owners

I’ll make this brief because I simply want to make one point which I believe is quite rarely talked about. Despite the fact that the benefits of cat ownership are often discussed, the discussion normally centres around companionship, the lowering of blood pressure and so on. There is another benefit.

Jo and husband with newly adopted kitten
Jo and hubby with Poe. Great photo full of love and caring.
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Most people, perhaps particularly women, need to care for another. Although, common sense dictates that the need is not confined to women. Most of us, to varying degrees, have the desire. Is in our DNA to care for a person or an animal. We need the responsibility of caring for a another, often a companion animal. We need to worry about our companion animal. We need to be busy caring for our companion animal. There is a need for the caring process to be part and parcel of our lives.

This is simply part of the human make up; the human character. And we can discharge that desire to care for another creature through our cat companion. If the desire to care for “another” to a lesser or greater extent is not in a person’s makeup I believe that person has a deficiency in their character.

Carrying the responsibility for the welfare of another gives us both reward and pleasure. Without it life is not as full or as rich. I believe that this point needs to be made very clearly and simply.

9 thoughts on “A Rarely Talked about Benefit That Domestic Cats Bring to Cat Owners”

  1. I have no human maternal instincts. I much prefer children who are capable of toileting themselves and can be reasoned with. Babies make me cringe. I live in fear of doing something that will scar them for life.
    But hand me a baby animal anything and the mothering instinct roars on in full grizzly mama mode. Go figure.

    • Love your comment. I am the same. I don’t really like children I have to confess. But animals touch my heart. This is why pictures of animal abuse can scar me.

      • Michael and ME King:

        just to add a comment here. .. I would rather clean a litter box than change a diaper!!! — and I had 1 son!! Hated the diaper stuff — other than that, I enjoyed my son thoroughly. . . I do have a tremendous son — also my very best friend — so I must have done something right. When I asked him what he thought if his Dad and I weren’t together anymore, he bluntly told me “I wouldn’t blame you” — and he was only about 6 yrs old at the time. . . we did eventually get divorced, and Tyler (now 25) and I live together with our 12 kitties, and are totally happy. We totally love our *children*. Tyler and I even work at the same place — different departments. He would rather stay with me than have 2 rents or multiple bills period — these are HIS words. We are both nerdy gamers and game together as well. . . ♥♥♥

        • I enjoyed your comment Diane. I have never had children but I can understand you completely. I think I am the world’s fastest and most efficient litter box cleaner 😉

          • Phhhfffffffffftttttttttttttt!!! I spent half my life mucking stalls. I can do a litter box blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back.

  2. Michael, I so agree!! Look at how Bob transformed James Bowen’s life!! This is a superb example of how an anipal can transform our lives!

    • Thank you Diane for agreeing with me. When I touch on these sorts of topics I do stick my head over the parapet somewhat so it is nice to have you agree with me 🙂


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