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A Rarely Talked about Benefit That Domestic Cats Bring to Cat Owners — 9 Comments

  1. I have no human maternal instincts. I much prefer children who are capable of toileting themselves and can be reasoned with. Babies make me cringe. I live in fear of doing something that will scar them for life.
    But hand me a baby animal anything and the mothering instinct roars on in full grizzly mama mode. Go figure.

    • Love your comment. I am the same. I don’t really like children I have to confess. But animals touch my heart. This is why pictures of animal abuse can scar me.

      • Michael and ME King:

        just to add a comment here. .. I would rather clean a litter box than change a diaper!!! — and I had 1 son!! Hated the diaper stuff — other than that, I enjoyed my son thoroughly. . . I do have a tremendous son — also my very best friend — so I must have done something right. When I asked him what he thought if his Dad and I weren’t together anymore, he bluntly told me “I wouldn’t blame you” — and he was only about 6 yrs old at the time. . . we did eventually get divorced, and Tyler (now 25) and I live together with our 12 kitties, and are totally happy. We totally love our *children*. Tyler and I even work at the same place — different departments. He would rather stay with me than have 2 rents or multiple bills period — these are HIS words. We are both nerdy gamers and game together as well. . . ♥♥♥

        • I enjoyed your comment Diane. I have never had children but I can understand you completely. I think I am the world’s fastest and most efficient litter box cleaner 😉

          • Phhhfffffffffftttttttttttttt!!! I spent half my life mucking stalls. I can do a litter box blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back.

  2. Michael, I so agree!! Look at how Bob transformed James Bowen’s life!! This is a superb example of how an anipal can transform our lives!

    • Thank you Diane for agreeing with me. When I touch on these sorts of topics I do stick my head over the parapet somewhat so it is nice to have you agree with me 🙂

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