A sad reminder to use extreme caution when rescuing an injured cat

Unfortunately, this article is a sad reminder to use extreme caution in rescuing an injured cat. An 18-year-old young lady with her whole life ahead of her was killed the night of February 25 in California’s Apple Valley.

Emily with her beloved cat Checkers, who will sorely miss her

Friends say Emily Sanchez had a big heart where animals were concerned. Last Saturday night around 11 p.m. she was riding in a car when it struck a cat. Emily was so upset she asked the driver to turn around so she could check on the injured cat.

According to a report from Apple Valley Police Department, as Emily stepped into the southbound lane of Kiowa Road, she was struck by a car as she bent over to pick up the kitten. The driver of the vehicle who hit Emily stayed with her after calling 911, but she died of severe head trauma soon after reaching the hospital. The kitten was killed on impact.

Emily’s sister says on a GoFundMe page started to help with funeral expenses

“If you knew Em, you knew that animals were her passion and love in life.”

I guess it’s best if you die doing something you’re passionate about. Still, it’s a horrible and senseless death for someone I feel would have spent her life helping animals. A few years back I almost lost a good friend who stopped to help an injured dog who died after being hit by a car.

Facebook was filled with stories in 2016 about people who were injured or killed helping animals in need. Don’t stop helping animals. Just be sure to look and look again before stepping onto a busy road, because most people don’t slow down until it’s too late.


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A sad reminder to use extreme caution when rescuing an injured cat — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, this is tragic. Such a fine lady. It can be plain dangerous to try and help an injured animal on the road. I have done it myself and most people just find the thing irritating and can’t understand it. The modern way of life.


  2. Indeed. Especially here in southern California, pedestrians have been killed by hit and run drivers every other day it seems. I’ve taken risks myself, but they were mine, and I had no illusion that people would stop rather than hit me. It’s just more true today than ever before, so yeah, think twice every time and be very, very careful. So, so sad.



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