A sign that a stranger cat likes you and needs you

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Some of us don’t need to go in search of a cat companion at a rescue centre or some other place because they come up to you and may tell you through their actions that they like you and need your support.

The difficult part is recognising the signals and of course you have to be in a position to adopt that cat there and then or very soon afterwards.

This has happened to me. I adopted my late Binnie this way in London. She came up to me and I fed her and took her in. A day later I got cold feet and asked my neighbour if she wanted a cat. At that time I had fed Binnie so copiously that she looked pregnant so my neighbour was put off. The rest is history.

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I feel that if a person loves cats they know instinctively when a cat, who they have never met before, shows signs that he is ready and in a position to be adopted.

One such case occurred to a cyclist in the UK. He stopped at the entrance to a tunnel in Bath called the Combe Down Tunnel.

A cat came running up to him from the woods. The cat requested some tummy rubs and then climbed up his arm and settled down on his backpack which he was wearing at the time. She had settled in and at that point you could be forgiven for deciding that she had adopted the cyclist.

Unfortunately the cyclist was not in a position to adopt this stranger cat.

It must surely be a convergence of coincidences whether or not a person adopts a cat under these circumstances.  If the person is by coincidence looking for a new cat to adopt then it probably would cross her mind to adopt a cat who came up to her just like this one.

The only other problem, of course, is the obvious one that the cat may well be “owned” by somebody else and I wonder whether that actually matters.  Legally it does matter but in a moral and practical sense it might not because it seems to me that if a cat behaves in this manner he’s telling you that he would like to adopt you and live in a new home.  Are cats able to have this thought (yes) and communicate this idea and message?

I have a feeling that they do these things through their actions. It just takes a little bit of sensitivity on the part of the person to get the message and the courage to say yes.

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42 thoughts on “A sign that a stranger cat likes you and needs you”

  1. This one stray that came to us for food he was in such a state (red marks all around his neck and so very thin. Was our intention to capture him and get him some treatment, make him more comfortable but could never gain his trust poor soul. Took a couple of photos at the time but not great couldn’t get very near. One was him walking away and one was him washing after food bless him, how did he ever survive?

  2. Its odd isn’t it? Kinda happened with Sebastian a cat we had years ago he wouldn’t leave the back garden every time we opened the blind in the kitchen there he would be sat on the window sill this adolescent Black cat. We had to take him in because we were the chosen ones.

    What we tend to find by us is when something happens to a stray we feed another comes along to take its place….. We has a very sorry looking White and Tabby who just disappeared then it was this sweet Tuxedo cat with a croaky voice (he got run over and killed) Then Mr Grey who was the saddest creature I had ever laid eyes on. He was pure Grey, huge covered in scabs and scars, he had big Amber eyes and a croaky voice, huge un-neutered Tom, massive head. Saddest thing about him was his eyes, they were dead; broke my heart he must have suffered so much 🙁 he began to trust us and would come morning and evening for his food, would accept a bit of fuss. He too got run over so we buried him in the garden then came Mr Jinks who is still here guess he did ask for our help because he hopped to me down the garden with his leg broken. After we took Mr Jinks in another cat appeared this time another un-neutered Tom Ginger and White who my husband regularly chases away after he see’s him hurting his baby (thats our Honey cat) he literally terrorises her and she screams which sends my hubby dashing out to rescue her.
    Yes we do just get one cat after another in the garden all looking for our help… its sad I just wish people would get their cats seen to and not keep bringing kittens into the world 🙁

  3. Sorry Michael the above messege I put in wrong I forgot to put my email address correctly. Here is the corrected one.

    Thanks Michael, I just Love Cats very Much. They are so Precious and should always be loved and Protected and Cared for.

  4. Yes I have the same thing that Happens here too. There is often a Cat or two that comes visiting here. Haven’t seen the Tuxedo Cat in awhile but Often when I’m walking down the street, and I see a Cat I’ll go to pat him/her and have a rapport immediately with them.


    1. Bruce in North Dakota

      Nancy, that is a pretty nifty story. I guess no one needs tell you your kitty was actually “sent”.

      When found freezing and abandoned, our little SallyKat crawled up my leg, back and and ended up on my head (digging in with tiny, tiny needle-sharp claws to hang on – NOT to be removed!) and when I walked into the house with my new “Kat Hat”, my dear wife Evelyn took one look at her, exclaimed “SallyKat!!!”, spread her arms open, and the poor little frozen kitten jumped off my head into her arms and has been a best friend to everyone who enters this house ever since.

      Just like Michael’s new kitty, some things just happen because they were meant to be!

      (I have a theory that kats may know things we do not, because they are immune to the concept of time. Einstein proved that time is curved, and anything that is curved eventually circles around and meets itself again. I think that kitties see this circle, and may even remember the future)

      Plz forgive this old hippie: when I figured such things out back in the 60’s, I threw my wristwatch away and have never ever worn one since! I should point out you will never see your kat watch the clock – unless there is a bug crawling on it!

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        Nothing to forgive, Bruce! My friend Don is an aging hippie and he says stuff like that. Pretty cool, actually.
        Monty did not come up to me asking for a home. He was terrified of me. He ran and got himself cornered and was hissing and trying to bite and scratch me. I told him someday he would be glad I caught him, but he’ll never admit it. He’d have to admit I was right, and he considers himself much smarter than me. He is definitely my superior.

        But I remember that that tiny cat who feared me so much, who tried everything in his power to escape me, now purrs a sudden, loud, whole body vibrating purr when I stoop to pick him up. That same cat who was afraid of me, now clings to me if anything frightens him.

  6. I believe they know where to go when they aren’t being treat right! If I didn’t have Barry dogs, I would have a feral cat to feed. The dogs play with a squirrel who grew up across the street. This little guy knows when the doors ope and makes a b-line to the fence and teases them. In the winter I leave food out so sure it will be a regular for a while. Cats know if there is food and fresh water out the trust factor raises.

  7. Sealy is in love and thinks Pebbles is a gift to him. He washes her and she lays all over him to sleep. He’s also using her to be fed more often. They both sit in the front of the feeding cage and she meows until they get a can.

    1. So sweet.
      That Sealy is a very smart guy, but I’m sure his attentiveness isn’t all about food.
      I’m always amazed how some male cats take to little kittens.

  8. A feral kitten from where I work wasn’t being allowed to eat by her family. So I brought her home and she’s been vetted and we plan her spaying for next month.

        1. Most definitely a take me home face, Elisa.
          I know that look. It rips your heart out and there is no question, no pondering, no hesitation. She wanted to be with you.
          She’s gorgeous.

      1. Yes, Michael, it’s a coming to her indeed.
        Domesticated cats coming up to us is a rare occurence. It may happen in your world; but, not ours. It needs to be understood that ferals are everywhere. Feral kittens are most likely to approach and ask for a better life like this little girl did. I see that expression on her face. This may be foreign to some others but familiar to us. Would you have taken in this feral kitten?
        Thank you so much, Elisa, for giving her a loving home.

        1. Even when she got here she’d take 2 bites of dry and stop. We think that’s how much her family allowed her before squeezing her out. Now she eats the dry and she and Sealy split 3 little cans of Sheba a day. I think she was the runt so she’s behind on growing. She’s up to 3 pounds now so she has grown a bit. And its the boy cats who are fascinated with her. It’s strange to watch. Jasper loves to wash behind her ears.

        2. We don’t get feral cats here even if the experts say we do. There are so few we never see them. If there is a cat wandering around it will be a free roaming domestic cat with a home somewhere – a loose form of domestication.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            We have some feral colonies up North, TNR and fed by CP volunteers, their whereabouts kept secret for their safety.
            Also Kays Hill have a feral unit.

    1. She is so pretty. I’ve never seen a red and white cat with markings like hers before.

      Bless you for offering her the chance of a better life.

  9. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Somehow cats know where to come when they need someone, we’ve had quite a few move in with us that way.
    The resident neighbourhood cats here know where to come too.

    1. When I lived behind my mother a lady from a street over paid me a visit and demanded I stop putting out cat food. Turns out her cats came to my house to eat and she didn’t like it. I told her no I wouldn’t stop putting food out. I never knew who a lot of cats belonged to. They ate each day and left. I’ve always believed cats need a dependable home they know they can find food at, even if they don’t live there.

  10. Here in Bayamón Puerto Rico we be had about 7 cats who came to our house looking for refuge. I now have 2 black cats that came to our house asking for food and they are very friendly. Both are feral cats.

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