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A Silver Lining in the Julianne Westberry Case — 7 Comments

  1. That is so wonderful! I am thrilled for the survivors! I love reading your articles, but many of them anger me too much at the way animals are mistreated and abused. Thank God that He has allowed those not called home a new lease on life where they will have an opportunity for a safe and loving home. Thank you for the report!

  2. Hey Elisa and all those involved over there. Thats such great news. After all the horrible news,its great that you get to stay there. I am still hoping she will get charged for something abit more. Sorry haven’t been around as much lots of things going on around here. Hope to come abit more. Do u know how that Lovely adopted Cat of mine and did anyone pick a name for her. I adopted her name Bright Eyes. As She was the main Kitty that was just so upset, and I felt a deep connection with her. was so glad to hear she had two babies to nurse. Sad that one passed away.

  3. MORE GOOD NEWS! I just chatted with Tami Desmond, and the Mauldin shelter is now doing adoption every day now. Usually someone is there from 10am-2pm and from 6-9pm. There’s a note with contact info on the door in case someone wants to adopt and no one is there.

    Also, volunteers are desperately needed. Even if you can only stop off for as little as 15 minutes to help it would be appreciated.

  4. Is there a chance of the charges against JW becoming more than only one for torture and one for ill treatment?? That hardly begins to represent the suffering she caused!

    • We can only hope. SC is bad about not doing multiple charges. She’ll likely be in more trouble from the financial end of things than for animal cruelty.

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