A Small Stray Cat Poem

A Small Stray Cat Poem

by Zach Atteberry
(Hannibal, Missouri)

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Stray Cat Poem

Hope – is the thing with claws!

The tree sparkles with glint lights,
Presents are gone unwrapped,
Christmas spirit has gone this year–
Where has my soul been entrapped?

This white Christmas.
The icy snow, the freezing slope
Cold as my heart —
dying slowly as my hope.

I awake to a gentle stir
Perhaps a bird, or just the wind
I open the door, as a gentle creature ponders in–
A creature that I can perhaps befriend?

His claws touch my heart
yet never extremity he ask to stay,
The only present that I have ever asked for —
A friend to play.

A Small Stray Cat Poem to Feral cats

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A Small Stray Cat Poem

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Jan 20, 2010 great poem
by: kathy

I love your poems!!

Dec 27, 2009 “Stray cat poem”
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

On “Boxing Day”You remind me of the boxer Muhammed Ali who composed memorable poems against his opponents before a “Boxing Fight”. Your “Cat Poems” are lovely and akin to modern day rap sends “Telepathic messages”. Keep it up, i like your poems on cat welfare and care.

Dec 27, 2009 Another lovely poem
by: Ruth

I love all your poems Zach.One day you will have a book of them published for sure.

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