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  1. Although this is an old post, I’m just now seeing it, since I’m a new reader. Ruth, thank you for speaking up about this, and sharing it here. If each of us could speak up for cats, and other creatures in our way, change could happen.

    I’ve seen that petitions have been successful in helping many tortured and hunted animals, so I sign a few every day, and love knowing when they have stopped an inhumane practice. Our voices and our votes count in this arena, though not as much against the government machine who’s intention is to hunt and imprison us for veering away from their mandates.

    • Sandy, there are thousands of old posts which are very good. Some are excellent. I’d like bring some of them forward so people can revisit them. I am working on that (slowly!). Ruth is a great advocate of declawing and a ban on fox hunting. Fox hunting may be reinstated under this government.

  2. Not so small a victory Ruth a great victory to get cats included by the LACS and let everyone know they are as important as other animals and hunts shouldn’t be allowed to kill them on their own property or anywhere else.
    I hate anyone who hunts like poison and if they think they are above the law they better think again while we are around.

  3. Well done Ruth, I’m really proud of my big sister who stands up for cats in every way shape or form that she can, takes any criticism, shrugs it off and does it again anyway. I also saw this from the LACS but it never entered my head to challenge them let alone achieve an almost instant result. Cats do need protection there are far too many people around who think a cat is an “it”, a lower form of life than a dog and much more easily replaceable, well that is NOT SO and we are all here to spread the news! As for Woody-the-Troll he’s pathetic, not fit to lick the boots of any of you lovely kind and caring people who make up the POC family.

    • Thanks Babz, yes we are all here to make the world better for cats!
      You are right, Woody is a pathetic idiot and beneath the contempt of decent caring people.

  4. The League Against Cruel Sports was the first thing I ever joined as a kid. When I was 8 years old in boarding school they allowed us an hour or so every wednesday for personal things like ‘hobbys’ and they allowed us to subscribe to one magazine or weekly/monthly publication of sorts – or you could read a book of your own choice. Freedom eh, you can’t beat it! Anyway I decided I wanted to become a member of the League Against Cruel Sports and I sent off for one of their keyrings and a bookmark I think and maybe a couple stickers or something. When I was 8 years old!

    Therefore it’s so nice to read this article Ruth. I never had any personal contact with them but it’s nice to know that they are still around and that they seem like very good people indeed. Wonderful. 🙂

    • Thanks Marc, you must have had a compassionate nature even at only 8 years old!
      Yes the League are still around and although hunting with packs of dogs is supposed to be illegal now the Hunts still try to get away with it, so hunt sabateuring still has to go on.
      Hunters have no regard for any animal life, not even their horses or hounds, we hear terrible stories of the way they are treated.
      I just don’t know how anyone can take another living beings life for fun 🙁

      • I don’t know either it’s just horrible. They probably always argue in the name of ‘tradition’ but I don’t believe culture should have so much power – nature is more important than cultural traditions. Yet the Japanese hunt whales in the name of tradition and culture. Whatever. Culture is our enemy in many ways.

  5. Thank you Michael, Dee, Harvey and Jan. I was most surprised and happy to receive the nice reply from the League and that they included CAT immediately in their list! It just proves we CAN make a difference sometimes if we try.
    Dee I would fight for you any time as I would for any decent person who needed me to, we need each other against the Woodys of this world.
    You are so right about dogs roaming Jan, they can cause more trouble than cats ever could!
    My aim is to try to get more protection for cats against people who let their dogs run free and injure or kill cats in their own gardens where they have the right to be, those people should be prosecuted.

  6. Woody you are so very predictable and it’s YOU who suffers from self inflicted ignorance.
    You won’t be happy to hear that you have not spoilt this small victory for cats for me and no matter how much hatred and spite you rant you never will stop me and other cat lovers from loving cats and fighting for their welfare!
    So you may as well crawl back under your stone where you belong and stop wasting your time on the best cat lovers site on the internet where some of the best people come to share our LOVE and CONCERN about CATS.

      • Thank you Michael, he is just a nasty twisted person, he must spend his time looking for places to rant his hatred of cats and those of us who care about cats.

    • Right on, Ruth AKA. I didn’t know he had “visited” us again until now. Happily, he seems to be intruding less.

      Michael, if I can’t say this, please delete… These things creep up from my toes and come out my mouth…

      I think he lurks, rants, and pleasures himself. He’s getting “off” on our responses to him.
      I’m not going to give him that satisfaction anymore.

      • You are so right Dee, I can picture this perverted character doing just that!
        I think Michael probably deletes a lot and we don’t see the half he writes.
        Yes maybe if we ignore him he will go away.

  7. As all ways you go for it and get it Ruth! KUDOS! when living years ago in the country my ferals were in danger of the coyotes that lived in the area.But more and more here in the city I see domestic cats,and sometimes ferals being attacked and torn up by stray dogs. Hopefully here to they will finally start taking the problem seriously.Saw one lady , who by the way exercises her dogs by letting them loose to roam at night,stated that if people didn’t want their cats killed by dogs they should keep them in the house.Hmmmm…case of the pot calling the kettle black? SO proud to see you once again have obtained a proper solution for a nasty problem!!!!

  8. Well done Ruth. I can’t for the life of me think why they would overlook cats. After all feral cats are certainly more wild than any stray dog which would normally be happy for someone to befriend it. Then there is the Scottish wildcat. Wow! How did they miss that one? There is also the possibility of big wildcats, if those sightings of panthers are anything to go by.

    • I can’t for the life of me think why they would overlook cats

      Is the omission an example of the lesser status of the cat compared to the dog?

  9. Good work, Ruth AKA!
    If I ever needed someone to support and fight for me, I would want you in my corner, for sure!
    Keep on, Girl!

  10. I love this Ruth. It is a tangible gain for cats and you did it. I am impressed and well done. This is a first on PoC, a real change and not a discussion which benefits the cat. Great. This is what the effort to improve cat welfare is all about.

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