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Apr 27, 2012
Kittens NEW
by: Edward

Man I love that picture and laughed out loud at little Jozef being lifted up because he couldnt reach and Mrs Ed came to see why.
The joys of kittenhood are so fleeting said Mrs Ed shes much more poetic than me but we both love cats whatever age they are.

Apr 25, 2012
I love that photo NEW
by: Ruth

How well I remember those days, I think Walter was the most hyperactive kitten we have ever had lol
Yes kittenhood goes by so quickly, far too quickly to be always stopping their fun and games like too many people do.
Imagine anyone taking a kitten like Walter to have his toe ends amputated, just for climbing a curtain, yet many people in the USA and Canada do just that!
Crippled for life just for being a kitten!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 23, 2012
Kittenhood is short but precious ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Enjoyed watching picture of kitten climbing curtains, too bad kittenhood is so short.
Our home is 97 yrs old, large window & lots of woodwork, our last rescue Scarlett O’Hair (she weighed 4.5 lbs) learned that by climbing from mantel (inactive fireplace) to bookcase she cold reach top of woodwork framing door about 7 ft long.
She walked from end to end turned around & jumped back to bookcase,first time she did husband almost had a heart attack. Must remember kittens are agile & able to accomplish acrobatic feats a gymnast only dreams about.
Kittens are cute, full of pep & so full of mischief some wish kittenhood would last a bit longer, so I guess we must enjoy & remember while it lasts.
A cat lover/rescuer/helper,
Southeast Arizona (USA)

Apr 23, 2012
Monty did that too NEW
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

I love that picture of Walter when he was little. Monty climbed curtains too, but we don’t have the lace kind. There is a very heavy curtain over the back patio door. You can see little marks in it where Monty climbed up. He used to shoot up to the top, jump down and do it again. I could care less about some tiny holes in it that you can barely notice. I enjoyed his antics so much that I’d hold a toy up high against the curtain to see him climb up to it. Watching him use his claws is a huge part of what is enjoyable about living with a cat. Sometimes outside I’ll hold Monty near a tree and he’ll reach out with his claws and hook into the bark. I can feel all his little muscles contracting as he scratches the tree– it’s such a treat. I don’t understand why people don’t want a cat with claws, because even on a selfish note, a cat with claws is so much more entertaining than a disabled cat without claws.

Some people don’t want a predator. They just want something cute, cuddly and furry. Monty is much more than that, as he keeps proving by catching mice outside. He’s the terror of the back yard. He comes out and the birds and squirrels disappear in an instant. Sure, he’ll cuddle with me, but he’s also a predator– as much a predator as any of the big cats that bring down zebras and gazelles. If the true nature of a cat bothers people they shouldn’t have a cat. It’s wrong for them to decide to have a cat anyway and then mutilate it.

Apr 23, 2012
lol NEW
by: Mrs M

I just love that picture, what a little so and so he must have been.
Your house is akin to ours, what does a net curtain matter, they are easily replaceable, kittenhood is not.

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