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A Song About Gabriel by Ruth (Monty’s Mom) — 19 Comments

    • Thanks Ahsan! I just saw this– I’ve been busy. I sent it to Michael because I’d thought of it and thought he might like it. I didn’t know he was going to put it on the site.

  1. What a lovely voice Ruth has, and such a nice little song for Gabriel. I see you have committed yourself to adopting him Michael, good for you, you are meant to be together 🙂

    • Monty has a song. It’s his name sung over and over to the tune of “Good Night Ladies.” It means I’m going to feed him. So now if I sing anything he thinks food might be coming. Why else would I sing but to call him to dinner?

      • Wow, I didn’t even know you had put this on PoC, Michael until just now! How funny. I recorded that with my iPhone sitting in my car in a parking lot because the words had just suddenly clicked for me and I didn’t want to forget them.

        Sorry, the tune was not composed especially for Gabriel. It’s from a Christmas/Advent piece I composed many years ago called “God Sent the Angel Gabriel” and it tells the story of Mary and the Angel Gabriel.

        So it was written for your cat’s namesake. I figured that could make it his as well.

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