A Special Fur Collar To Keep You Warm

With temperatures on the rise, summer heat can get extremely oppressive for both man and beast. I count my blessings that our house came equipped with central air conditioning; a luxury in some areas but a total necessity where we live.

pointed oriental shorthair
Photo Credit: Jo Singer – Dr. Hush Puppy
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Even though it takes a chunk of cash out of our pocketbooks, our thermostat is set at 72 degrees. Not only is it extremely comfortable, it appears that this temperature is the “cat’s pyjamas” for our two Oriental Shorthair kitties. Even though they spend several hours a day hanging out soaking up the sun’s rays, nestled on their window perch, during the evening they seek out my company and curl up beside me under a blanket, wrapped up in each other’s paws whenever my husband and I are glued to the “boob tube”.

Having been born up North, naturally I look forward to fall’s end when temperatures dip down to very delightfully snappy levels. The cats also seem to perk up and become a lot more active. Even our orange trees seem to embrace the colder weather. In fact, the local yokels have advised us that the approaching winter weather speeds up the ripening of oranges, grapefruit and lemons.

But, to be purrfectly honest, I must admit that sometimes in the summer, the house does get a bit chilly. In order to save a few bucks we don’t mess with the thermostat, pushing the temperature up and down like a yo-yo. When the outside temperature reaches 40 degrees, in the early morning we set the heat to around 68 degrees; a temperature which the cats greatly appreciate.

However, I finally discovered something ecologically sound this past winter, to help offset any uncomfortable draughtiness, which also saves us some money. It is very easy to apply and costs not one additional sou. Even though we are just at the beginning of the summer weather, since time passes so quickly these days, I thought sharing this item might be helpful to our readers. Since the fall will be upon us before you know it, this is a simple solution that can be easily used to avoid any unpleasant bone-chilling episodes.

I am actually looking forward to those frigid occasions when I can justify donning my magnificent soft furry collar. Even though I am extremely opposed to using animal fur; in this case I can justify making an exception. It gives me extreme pleasure to wrap this collar around my neck to chase away the chill. This collar is extremely warm and relaxes me. Best of all; my teeth stop chattering immediately.

What I adore most about this lush fur collar is its beautiful ivory and brown color. It blends in purrfectly with our interior decor. I gotta tell you that without a doubt it is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

One of the most remarkable things about this unique collar is the internally built-in massage device; provided at no additional cost. It vibrates almost on command. And since it is self-charging it never needs replacement. But I would never wear this collar outside the house for fear that someone might steal it. Since it’s one of a kind, it is far too precious to me.

I must warn you that there is one huge downside to this amazing fur collar. Whenever the heat it radiates becomes overwhelming and I try to take it off, the collar often balks and flatly refuses to be removed. Apparently it has a life of its own and it can get downright snarky.

It also comes equipped with 18 sharp little claws, and immediately expresses its displeasure by digging them into my shoulders, leaving tiny holes. The good news is that the collar never stops vibrating at record-setting high decibel levels.

You see, this extraordinary fur collar which gives me such inordinate joy is Dr. Hush Puppy (Oriental Shorthair). His favorite time to offer me its use is during dinner. He jumps on me and perches himself around my neck and shoulders while purring like a motor boat. However, there’s a part of me that believes he is really setting me up to steal a juicy piece of steak off my fork.

But whatever his motivation is, I don?t care. I feel honored by this offer and wouldn’t trade this fur collar in for anything in the world.

Do you also have a purring fur collar you use to keep warm? Tell us about it in a comment.


17 thoughts on “A Special Fur Collar To Keep You Warm”

  1. since i am partially disabled i do some of my yoga while lying in bed.

    i always have helpers — it’s kinda cute doing a yoga routine with a 20 lb cat on one’s stomach.

  2. I’ve seen your fur collar in action, LOL

    Mine is a lap-warmer and I have two foot-warmers, who actually fight over who’s getting the job. The 9# foot-warmer routinely beats out the 19# foot-warmer.

    I used to have a fur turban who kept my head warm in those frigid Los Angeles nights.

  3. Oh, how we yearn for Autumn! Summer is the least favorite season around here, and I can’t afford to use our HVAC system, so we swelter and suffer.

    No, I don’t have one of those amazing collars, but I do have several vibrating lap warmers. In any kind of weather, they faithfully keep my legs warm. Or warmer. Or hot. 😉

  4. I have the fur blankies, too. But, sadly, my fur collar stopped functioning in 2008 when it unexpectedly was shipped OTRB. It was extremely unique in that not only did it have the vibration option, it would also engage in converstion. I truly miss it as it was irreplaceable. I have attached a photo.


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