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A Special Fur Collar To Keep You Warm — 17 Comments

  1. since i am partially disabled i do some of my yoga while lying in bed.

    i always have helpers — it’s kinda cute doing a yoga routine with a 20 lb cat on one’s stomach.

  2. I’ve seen your fur collar in action, LOL

    Mine is a lap-warmer and I have two foot-warmers, who actually fight over who’s getting the job. The 9# foot-warmer routinely beats out the 19# foot-warmer.

    I used to have a fur turban who kept my head warm in those frigid Los Angeles nights.

  3. Oh, how we yearn for Autumn! Summer is the least favorite season around here, and I can’t afford to use our HVAC system, so we swelter and suffer.

    No, I don’t have one of those amazing collars, but I do have several vibrating lap warmers. In any kind of weather, they faithfully keep my legs warm. Or warmer. Or hot. 😉

  4. I have the fur blankies, too. But, sadly, my fur collar stopped functioning in 2008 when it unexpectedly was shipped OTRB. It was extremely unique in that not only did it have the vibration option, it would also engage in converstion. I truly miss it as it was irreplaceable. I have attached a photo.

  5. No collars here.
    But, I have the furry hat like Babz fully equipped with a claw massage to the head and hot water bottles like Michael.

  6. Awwww, we would all love to experience a moment like that with Puppy! My Tinkearbell pets me when she wants, and is not a fur collar or even a lap cat. My little blind cat, Baby, is an addicted ‘lapper!’ She calls out to me when she hears my voice, and will nestle into my lap for hours(if she had it her way)! lol So no, no fur collars at my house, but maaaaybe I can talk Tink into it…lol

  7. Jozef is my hot water bottle in bed and Walter is Babz furry hat in bed lol neither of them do fur collar duty

  8. Yes I dont have either. I guess the thing is to keep kitty as cool or warm as possible. With both Jasmine, Tiger as the both mostly Short-hairs. We have special warm beds with wool lined and polar fleece. They love Sleeping under blankets. I dont know what 72 is in F i guess its around 30-35 in C. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice hot weather. Its freezing cold down here. 🙁

    • LOL!

      Isn’t it great that they serve more than one purrpose?

      Sometimes I wear my collar cuddled under the blankies! Dr. Hush Puppy is very careful to make sure that I am comfy.

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