by jack reidenbach
(pembroke pines, fl)

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HI Everybody, my name is Whitie

I’m an eight year old beautiful female feline (check that attached facial picture) with declawed front paws, and no desire to be around other cats and dogs. A few years back, I’m not sure how many and I don’t remember how, but I broke the bottom portion of my right front paw. Money was tight, and my owners couldn’t afford to get it fixed. It was tough, but I understood. As the years went by, the bottom portion solidified in the bent position, so now the paw is shaped like an “L”. It can be awkward, but I can still get around. Just recently, my owners decided they could no longer afford me, so they turned me over to The Humane Society of Greater Miami. It was a lonely feeling, but I understood. Now I’m in a cage, and yes it’s tough, but I do understand.

I love the affection of being rubbed under my chin, on top of my head, down my back, all over my stomach and down my tail. I could handle that twenty-four hours a day. I know I’m considered different from the rest of the cats, because of my paw and my dislike for the other cats, but I still have the hope of having my own forever home. You know, one where my family won’t mind my limited mobility, but rather appreciate a feline who can spend more “lap” time with them on the couch, and enjoy the companionship of each other’s company.

I only want the chance to appreciate and be appreciated, to know friendship and give friendship, to love and be loved and to be there for someone and know there’s someone there for me.

If you, or someone you know would like the warmth of my affection and the friendship of my company, please contact The Humane Society of Greater Miami (305-749-1821). I would be willing to go anywhere if it meant finding my forever home.

Thank You

P.S. # 1 I had to go down to the hospital area last week for some X-rays. They were talking about trying to correct the problem with my paw. They’re not sure if they can, and there not sure that even if they do that the paw will heal well enough so as to not give me a lot of discomfort. But really, I do okay just the way I am now.

P.S. # 2 My good friend, Blackie B. Cat on Facebook, who does all my writing for me, would also like to keep abreast of how I’m doing. So when I find my forever home, hopefully my new family will periodically email him with pictures and/or updates.

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May 15, 2012 Message from England NEW
by: Ruth

Whitie I'm so very sorry you have been let down so badly by the human race.
You had the misfortune to be with an 'inhumane' human who took you to an 'inhumane' vet and had your toe ends amputated.
So, they could afford to pay to have you crippled that way, but they couldn't afford to have your broken bone fixed.
How VERY cruel they were, I bet they could afford their own treatment if they had a painful injury!
You have every reason to dislike other animals, you must feel so very vulnerable.
If you lived in our country your owner would have been prosecuted and rightly so. I say owner because they were NOT a caretaker, they didn't care for you at all.

My hopes and prayers for you are that someone comes along to love you and stroke you and give you the wonderful forever home you deserve.

I am shedding tears from far away for you and other cats suffering like you.
No cat should ever have to suffer as you have.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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