A Tiffany Teddy Bear

by Christine
(Ontario Canada)

My boy Bear! I first spotted him in a pet store that was promoting cat adoptions for the local SPCA.

I ended up going back and playing with him a 2nd time although he was quite shy..and when I went back a third time just knew I had to have him as a part of my life.

He had been ill when he first arrived at the shelter with a lung infection so it took a couple of months to integrate him into the general population.

He also had been left out in extreme weather and had had frost bite so he does not look the average Tiffany as he has had tips of his ears removed and his tail.

He now sports a bunny tail but he is every bit the Tiffany..chocolate colouring and fur like silk..his voice is almost a twitter sound and he is a chatterbox.

He just loves attention. He follows me everywhere. He is totally an indoor cat – beautiful big yellow eyes and canines that would make a vampire jealous.

I am so fortunate..what a sweet boy he is!


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