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  1. I live alone with my cats. My youngest Siamese boy, Illy suffered a traumatic attack by neighbour’s dog in March 2015. Got him to the vet who saved him but 6wks later he was unwell, off his food. Was due his booster so vet gave meds for infection and delayed booster for a week, as he had always reacted badly to boosters previously. A week later he was fine so had his booster, no problems.Everything seemed fine and he was getting stronger after his attack. Then early July noticed his tummy was bloated but put it down to weight gain due to decreased activity since March. July 22 he went off his food and seemed to have problem with his mouth. Vet visit July 25. He had an ulcer on side of tongue which was treated. I asked about bloated tummy which was getting bigger. Made appointment to see my usual vet July 29. Was concerned as no improvement so took him back to vet July 27. He took bloods for CITE test, took fluid from abdomen and mentioned FIV/FeLV. I did some research and was concerned but not too worried. JULY 29 chased up results. Vet still didn’t have them but mentioned FIP at that point. I had never even heard of it. Googled it and was shocked. Illy was so symptomatic. July 31 vet said he was 99% certain of FIP. Prescribed prednidale and Tylan, also water tablets. Illy picked up for a day or so but then worsened. Back to the vets, another steroid injection, some response but he just would not take the Tylan. Returned to vet July 31. He tripled the Prednidale but by Saturday he refused to take those and no appetite. I cooked chicken, minced beef, gave him prawns, yoghurt, cheese, anything, he was wasting away. He stopped “talking” and just sat on the sofa for the last 2 days. I knew then that he wasn’t enjoying life. He took some comfort from cuddles but he couldn’t even make it upstairs for cuddles in bed. I wanted to keep going but having already lost a cat to kidney disease after taking a selfish decision to prolong her life I couldn’t let Illy suffer for my benefit. Sunday August 9 I rang my vet and told him it was time. He came out straight away. At 15:44 Illy went to sleep. I kept him overnight because I didn’t want him to be alone and to give my other Siamese the chance to understand what had happened. Monday August 11 Illy had a private cremation. He had just turned 5 in April. He was a small cat with the biggest, loudest

    • Thanks Joanne for taking the time to share your sad story. My condolences. So sorry to read of his death. Could there be a connection of some sort between the dog attack and the FIP?

  2. This is in memory of my little Princess Mia today she lost her fight with this horrible virus. Princess Mia was only 6 month old she was rescued from a parking lot in Merced Califorina with her sister Princess Bella. She came to live with me and Faith on June 10th of 2012 she was the most sweetest kitty you would ever want. It has only been hours since she passed away and I feel that I will never get over it. I hope a cure will be found because the humans and other innocent kittens and cats should never have to go through this kind of heart felt pain. Saint Frances please protect and watch over all our fury companions.

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