A Video Describing the Maine Coon Cat

I made this video about the Maine Coon cat years ago. I think it needs an “airing” because it is not bad and some of the old stuff on PoC should be brought to the front from time to time, otherwise it is forgotten. Google tends to focus on the new, which I think it not necessarily a good idea. I don’t believe this video should be forgotten. PoC has been on the internet for six and a half years now.

The idea is simply to provide an overview of this popular cat breed.

The video was shot in one take. Below is a picture of Zak that I took and refer to in the video. He is the Maine Coon I met and photographed in America when staying with the Flicks. They live in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ken and Helmi Flick's Maine Coon Cat - ZAK


2 thoughts on “A Video Describing the Maine Coon Cat”

  1. Oh – gosh – Zak is beautiful. What a great looking cat. I’d love to adopt an orange/red Maine Coon one day. I think if the world was a place without the current cat population issues I would adopt and orange Maine Coon if I could just choose and it be ok to do that.

    • Yeh…he is beautiful. We bonded nicely. He liked me and like him. He was shy and cute with a very tender, gentle personality. I love this cat. I haven’t seen him for years now. I hope his is alright. He is a full-time indoor cat.


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