A Whole Colony of Fixed Cats Allegedly Poisoned

This is a Facebook post by Irene Winchester written yesterday at 12 noon. Irene is involved in cat rescue in Orlando, Florida, USA. She writes that she needs hard evidence that the cats in her care have been “murdered” to allow her to bring attention to the matter online in news media and to consult a lawyer to see whether he or she will take the case on as an example of animal cruelty under the laws of Florida.

She writes that two more cats have showed up dead. She needs to raise US$140 immediately for toxicology testing for poison. So far five dollars has been donated and she needs therefore $135 more.

She writes that a whole colony of fixed (neutered and spayed) cats appears to have been poisoned. She found one dead yesterday and then two more as mentioned and then she pulled four more from under trailers today with a further 10 more missing and presumed dead as well.

The colony is the Oak Ridge Village Cats. She says that they need to find the person or persons who are doing this and they need to raise the money for autopsies as soon as possible. She provides a PayPal account and I have published some photographs above. Click for her PayPal account.

Update: the last comment posted by Catherine Sykes states that she has donated $125 and that it seemed that the target of $140 has been met. Nonetheless, I’m sure Irene can do with as much money as possible to get justice for the Oak Ridge Village Cats.

Link to Irene’s FB post.

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A Whole Colony of Fixed Cats Allegedly Poisoned — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my posting. We have raised monies to conduct necropsy and toxicology testing. Case is now with authorities investigating. We have a candlelight vigil next Saturday afternoon and invite will be posted on my FB page.

  2. Just a thought: Toxicology testing for numerous cats may be available for free at state lab in Gainesville as this is a public health problem. Rescuers should contact vet school for guidance.

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