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A word about lawn treatments and cats — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, as time passed and one cat of mine after another developed cancer I looked to these things that could be causing it. The vets had only said that they too see a lot of cancer in cats, implying that whatever causes it, it’s just something we need to deal with. Over the years I have seen some better thinking on what we can do to better their lives, like better nutrition and to be mindful of all the chemicals we’re exposed to, indoor and outdoor. We can do something about some of them. I do look for pet friendly, as in flea treatment (food grade diatomaceous earth) and I put plant food in the soil, not just spray stuff all over. And I took out all my carpeting, threw out my fabric furniture, stuff like that.

    • Well said Albert. I consider these to be hidden hazards. Most cat owners are unaware of them. And I don’t see enough being done by vets to highlight these dangers and manufacturers in taking steps to find alternative ways to make treatments safer. It is not good enough.

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