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A year after ‘dying’ during surgery, Hope is learning how to be a normal cat again — 12 Comments

  1. It saddens me that contributors here no longer reply to others’ comments. Most comments are just dropped without any input – no conversations happening. Sort of like “hit and runs”.

    • Everyone is so busy these days. I remember back in 2009-2010 where there were tons of comments. Competition on cat sites is fierce. Dee, I actually did a survey last month asking what kinds of articles people read. The results showed a mixture as long as graphic photos aren’t shown. It’s divided on whether people visit a website each day just to see what’s new. Most also read something posted on social media by a friend and good and honest writing is what attracts.

      Michael wants me to write more so I’ll be writing anything I think interesting. This new project of helping people tell their story should encourage others to tell how they got their cat.

      Anyone with a story can email me that story and a few photos to nationalcatreporter@gmail.com. I can get one online for a person within a day or two. Plus they get their moment of fame along with their cat 😉

      • Thanks, Elisa. I love to read peoples’ stories. Just wish I saw some more meaningful responses and not “good story”, because there are cat people who I know could relate to the stories. I wish they would be more vocal and involved.
        I like the idea of finding out how people acquired their cats.

    • PoC was like a family in the ‘good old days’ and I made some wonderful friends, like you Dee, who I’m still in touch with and others also who I don’t see here any more when I pop in.
      I was always glad Michael allowed me to write educational articles about declawing here and to share my posters, we are still battling on, making progress, but there’s a long way to go yet to getting declawing banned.

  2. Thank you so much for this story. I had a similar experience with my Dreama about 5 years ago when having her spayed. She arrested and was revived. Because of that, she is completely blind to date. But, initially, she had no use of her limbs, but navigates well today after a lot of working with her to walk. It’s hard for anyone to even tell that she’s blind, because she has adjusted so well.

  3. Great story! I’ve also had some cats that most guys would have given up on as well, and that’s if they loved cats. Most people don’t know; they just don’t know how marvelous these creatures are.

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