A1 Savannahs Breeding Queen with her Kittens

This is a straightforward short video which may interest some visitors. As described it shows a female breeding cat with an interesting tabby coat which appears to be more ticked tabby than the classic spotted tabby pattern which is the pattern of the Savannah cat, with her offspring in one of the areas of the large complex that makes up the breeding cattery area of A1 Savannahs.

I was surprised to see her in a cardboard box on a concrete floor but that is probably par for the course. There are many heavy ventilation fans at A1 Savannahs in the covered buildings to keep the cats cooler in the blisteringly hot summer weather.

There was a bottle of water attached to the fencing that formed the caged area. One of the employees had let the water bottle run dry which could be very serious in hot weather. The problem was quickly corrected.

The mother cat – the queen – is large but I don’t know what she is – probably a f2 Savannah cat. She must have mated with a serval or another high filial Savannah cat. I suspect it was another Savannah cat.

The video has some interest as it shows in a very real way what it is like at a well run breeding cattery in the USA.

The video is not current. It was filmed about 4-5 years ago. A1 Savannahs has changed hands since then. It is a bit archived video but I thought might interest some people as an historic record.

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  1. The place looks dirty to me, it seems as though there was laxity all round. Surely the money that must have been made from exploiting the cats could have paid for something better than that. And to think the situation got even worse for the animals when their souls were sold to a hunter makes me sick.

    • Absolutely agree, Barbara.
      I can’t bear to think about how a hunter, who kills animals either for sport or consumption, would have any feelings for cats. I believe that any interest he may have in their wellbeing is to keep them alive and healthy enough to bring in revenue for himself.
      I think breeders should be under much more scrutiny than they are.
      If I even had a random bred cat in those circumstances, someone would report me for sure.

  2. Don’t like this way of keeping cats specially if someone have resources, even I being jobless not keep my beauties in this way. Bhwaaaa. . . Barking of dogs seems to me as teasers for the cats and specially babies, it seems self-made created tension/ fear for the innocent fellows for 24/7/365. 🙁

    One of them seems to be my LAILA who is better kept indoor with me in my studies/ library room.

    I thought it is LAILA there and I just took my LAILA in my arms and hugged her with a kiss. These kinds of emotions make me sick 🙁

    Thanks for exposing but not happy 🙁

    • Ahsan you speak such sense and you have great compassion, I think like me you care about each and every cat in this world and put yourself in their place.
      The barking dogs were upsetting the kittens, I wonder where they are now, did they get good homes? Did they survive? Did their new owners declaw them?
      Each and every one of them matters to me but we will never know their fate, just hope and pray they are having good lives and not as money making breeding machines.

    • Thank you my friends <3

      I am a bit sick now a days due to cruelty NEWS. And today one of my SPY BOY (I have appointed some street boys/girls to look after the matters of cruelty towards cats and kittens in our surroundings) told me,"Uncle Ahsan! in our street, there is a man who feed all cats milk and chicken heads. (Chicken heads??? he is self a BULL HEAD 🙁 ) and after two or three weeks , the man put POISON in the milk and food, so the cats and kittens die."

      Ahaaa So this is the reason why I can not see the kittens and I get their dead bodies every few days and now we have only LAILA and this small guy with me ALIVE. The rest of kittens are dead. 🙁

      LAILA survived because of the care of me and my lovely daughter. This is it.

      Today I slept (actually become fainted) for several hours. 🙁 when I woke up, my Khadija gave me the whole report of the two kittens, how she fed them, what she fed them, and etc.

      I don't know why people do this? There were nearly 14 kittens in the street as I had counted a month ago. Now there are not a single left.

      ONLY LAILA and this sick girl (the new arrival which my SPY boy has given me saying,"Uncle! she is dying, please save her" I said put her down FARHAN and thank you, pray for her. Now she is better and a little bit ready to stay with us.)

      I hate DIRTY PAKIS.
      But I love PAKISTAN and kind people of PAKISTAN <3 <3 <3

      • This is depressing news. There is too much killing of cats. I agree you need to build an enclosure to protect the cats but you can’t protect them all. The cruel and bad people can’t be stopped by one person. In the UK that would be a crime and he’d be sentenced to up to one year in jail and a fine of £20,0000 maximum.

      • This is so sad! How can anyone be so cruel as to poison kittens. I really don’t know much at all about your country Ahsan but I feel so sorry for you and your daughter who are true cat lovers, having to live amongst those people who hate cats.
        I’m wondering who are street boys? Do they live on the streets? Or in houses in the streets near you? I think it’s wonderful that you are educating those boys to help fight against cruelty to cats by spying for you.
        The 2 kittens you have now are very lucky, I hope they get well and have happy lives.

            • I can not make video of the area, because of personal security hazards. If we need local police, they never come to protect people, that’s it and we have to look for our self personally.

              Those boys are from very rich and good families. They are school going boys/ girls. They call me uncle Ahsan. And I specially speak with them in loving tone (not harsh tone as it is a habit here of elder people to kick out children, BULL HEADS) But as you know that I follow orthodox ISLAM, so I follow the teachings of prophets myself.

              They are 7 in total and I will not mention them at all, I don’t want to make their lives bitter. I am exposed in PoC is enough because now I don’t care for my self a lot. (I am afraid not to become CAT TALIBAAN 😉 ,some body stop me 😉 )

              But I go for a survey with KHADIJA (my daughter) and picture the dead bodies of cats who vomit green liquid from mouths. The elder cats are safe because their maturity of smell and not instantly attack towards the food makes them safe. They sniff the food first and then eat that stuff. My PINKY is safe, My KHOLLA is SAFE, Black Beauty, 50/50, LAILA, BIG SAJID, BIG TUM TUM all are safe.

              The others? I have not seen them yet! hope they are safe , too.

              Or perhaps they are dead and just CLEARED OUT. 🙁

              I really don’t have any track of them and I tell you that those feral children were very well tamed and socialized and they were not a hazard to any one or for any one. Yes! I guarantee you.

              Now, let me ask you a question. Is it possible for anyone in the west that any outsider just take the Feral full size cat in his/her arm?

              The answer is no…never! But my tamed Feral boys/girls are easy to come near any person and picked. They are groomed very well. They are never dirty, because I am not a DIRTY PAKI. I feed them the best what their food must be according to the international standards. I don’t care about cost. So, I tell you my friends! They innocent harmless friends of mine and everyone who goes near them.

              Only BIG CAT (huge KING cat) SAJID is a great TERROR for every one. He only knows me. No one can PET him or call him. He came to me when I was picking his daughter the black kitten. He meowed at me in grief and just rubbed his head with me. I pet him and my tears were just running out of my eyes. I complaint to him,”My boy! why did you left them in wild when you were raised at my terrace peacefully???” Alas we could understand the language of each other.

              Here is the dead body picture of the kitten.

              • When KHADIJA will come I will share more kittens dead pics here and me holding them.

                But we keep our LAILA inside our home because ZUMBIES are roaming outside.

              • Thanks for explaining what it is like. It seems to be quite difficult to live in safety both for cats and people where you are. I didn’t realise that you are exposing yourself to danger just by coming on this site and writing about your experiences. Knowing that I thank you again for sharing. Your experiences are valuable. People in the West know very little about life in Pakistan. I have been to Pakistan and India but most people from the West don’t visit Pakistan especially with the country’s connection with terrorism (recruiting and training). That is what we are told. Take care of yourself, Ahsan.

              • Ahsan you are a very brave man, please take good care of yourself and your daughter, I wish there was some way we could help you but we are powerless and too far away.
                Until you came to PoC I had no idea of what life is like there.
                You so obviously have an affinity with cats, there is no way an adult feral cat here would approach any person, even the tiny feral kittens are afraid of us until they are socialised.
                Stay safe!


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