A1 Savannahs Matanah Me Al aka Motzie

by Deborah-Ann Milette

Motzie - a special Savannah cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick
Motzie – a special Savannah cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick
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I own the very feline advertised with the children and Motzie is a wonderful feline for his species. He serves as my personal service animal for my illness (he will dig his claws into my leg about a half hour before it hit me giving me time to get to a safe place.)I also share him as a therapy animal with fellow veterans in the VA hospital, out next trip is Walter Reed in D.C. on our way to Tampa, FL. And Motzie is a favorite with children for the reading program where children read to him.

I would have to say my favorite and recent story about Motzie was during a reading program session where this little boy only wants to read to Motzie because “He’s the coolest cat!” Well we began the session with Motzie comfortably laying on the table with his paws tucked in and eyes closed. The teacher was sitting next to him and he was doing very well at reading the chapter when all of a sudden a word stopped the boy from reading. He began the sentence again (one eye opens on Motzie) and then he began again and stopped (the second eye opened) and the boy tried again and stopped. Now Motzie stood up and took his paw and pulled it down towards him and sniffed the book. Knowing what was coming, I threw a pen under the table and dove for cover.

Listening to the conversation above the table the boy said to the teacher “See even Motzie can’t say that word!” I lost it trying to hide my laughter with tears rolling down my face. After they sounded out the word and I collected myself and surfaced for better air and view, Motzie was back in his position of tucked paws, and the boy finished the chapter without any more problems. Teacher praised him. I told him he did a great job and Motzie gave him head butts. The boy still insisted that “Motzie was giving him clues to what he was reading but we didn’t know it.” “I told him great, I was glad that Motzie gave you all that help.”

When the boy was out of the building the teacher and I just about rolled on the floor with laughter because she said it was the first time an animal partner was included in not being able to say a word, but the seriousness of how Motzie is what made us loose it and the teacher hugged Motzie and said he was priceless because his reactions are almost human like the way he responds.

I owe plenty to A1Savannahs in how they raised Motzie and then Martin gives me credit in how much farther I brought Motzie to show the world he is nothing more than an A1Supreme Gentle Giant just like his Grandfather is. Servals are very gentle once you get to know and understand them.

Deborah-Ann Milette
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  1. Ha! Seven cats? You are blessed! But believe you me, if you think you can handle “one” more? Look out, ‘cuz this one, even if an F5 Savannah, is going to make you think you now have fourteen! πŸ˜‰

    I had five cats/kittens at one time, in a big bungalow with approx. an acre of property. But never did have more than five as that was our limit within the city limits (w/o a cattery license). Wish we both could realistically afford -monetarily and time/energy-wise to have our babies. (I’ve researched them online for two years now, and it will probably be at least two yrs or more until I can secure the ideal situation for the “little” sweetheart!) πŸ™‚ Wish you the best, Cal


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