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A1 Supreme Kittens — 2 Comments

  1. Dude,you do realize that even if you treat your cattery of Savannahs right….they were the oringinal founders.That lady who found them?She is internationally known as the leading Savannah breed figure,and is also well known in feline husbandry.She has sold cats to Hollywood stars and even to the King of Morrocco.
    Sure,I understand where you are coming from,with that these kittens aren’t supreme.But they were bred to be in the best of what could be given them.The Stuckis have spent thousands of dollars on the safety and well-being of their cats and four Servals.Yes,they breed F1 Savannahs,which is remarkably difficult.They even have a natural pond outdoors(with a few touch ups,I think).And to respect their Servals,they aren’t allowed in the house to be pampered and be spoiled.They will remain wild at heart.Thats a lot for their fellow felines.
    And if you say they are cheap,how did they win Supreme Grand Champion in the TICA?They were the first to do that,along with hold a record in the Guiness Book of World Records 2010-2011.
    Sure,maybe your kittens are just as well as theirs.Just know that she is internationally known,and has such good pets….Kings have bought from her.
    You may have dedicated time to your Savanahs,but you weren’t the founder.Without them,your cats wouldn’t even EXIST.
    So yes,I did my research.Just remember that you are a breeder,yes,but you still should respect the title of A1.They did a lot of hard work too,you know.This is with all due respect to you,but just a little info you might’ve missed.

    • Thank you Anonymous for supporting A1 Savannahs. They are a first class organisation.

      The comment that you are responding to was made a long time ago. Some people don’t like cat breeders. We have to respect all visitors.

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