Abandoned cat who had to join a feral colony to survive has been adopted by his foster mom

This is the happy ending story of a cat rescued from East Harlem (NY) who has been adopted by his foster mom following his story for a medical problem.

Harrison at Animal Medical Center (Facebook)
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Harrison was trapped from a feral colony back in November. He was cared for by Little Wanderers NYC who had him vetted. The rescue then found him an amazing foster mom named Shirley. Little Wanderers figured out his story. It’s believed Harrison was formerly an indoor cat, abandoned or left behind, who joined an outdoor colony to survive.

This ginger beauty always had “weird eyes” and seemed uncomfortable. Harrison was examined at Animal Medical Center where it was determined he had a condition called Entropion, a genetic medical condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the eyeball. This results in irritation and scratches to the cornea — the front surface of the eye — leading to corneal ulceration, or corneal perforation.

Surgery was performed on Harrison this week by Dr. Van der Woerdt, a very skilled ophthalmic surgeon. He can now open his eyes without pain. Except for being unhappy with the dreaded “cone of shame” Harrison was ready to eat and cuddle.

Harrison following surgery (Facebook Little Wanderers NYC)

Now for a holiday miracle. Shirley has decided to adopt Harrison! Thanks to Little Wanderers NYC, Harrison is no longer in pain and now has a forever home. A donation link can be found on their Facebook page for anyone who wishes to help with the cost of his surgery.

Little Wanderers NYC is a highly experienced and passionately dedicated New York City-based 501c3 animal rescue and rehoming group. Their primary focus is on locating, rescuing, neutering and rehoming at-risk community cats. They also have an active fostering and adoption program and frequently hold adoption events. 

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