Abandoning cats at animal shelter surreptitiously (video)

Abandoning cats at shelter surreptitiously
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Abandoning cats at a shelter surreptitiously – this is a screenshot of from the video – see video below.

I think this video is interesting partly because it’s quite unusual. It’s unusual to see the actual act of abandonment of cats in this case at an animal shelter because the intention of the culprits is to avoid being seen!

You can see how surreptitiously this couple act. The woman quickly runs away from the scene of the “crime”. Is it a crime to dump cats outside shelters? It is certainly immoral. As you can see that three cats were abandoned, free to roam thereafter. They were not left in a carrier for example. I presume that they were abandoned after hours meaning that the shelter was not open at the time. They were picked up by shelter staff.

The video below shows the moment after they were abandoned. You can see that one cat had climbed up the outside of the shelter and is being recovered in the video by a person who I presume is a shelter worker.

It is surprising the number of times that this happens. There are many stories on this website about people abandoning cats at shelters after hours. Sometimes at night during the winter when it is freezing cold and the cats are trapped inside a cardboard box. It’s all very strange to me. It would be so much easier to admit one’s failings to shelter staff and do the whole thing during the daytime when they are there to ensure that the cats are secure and that their welfare is cared for.

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3 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    What repulsive cowards.

  2. It is illegal to abandon any animals at our local SPCA,they have cameras set up at the entrance going into the shelter then they have a 2nd one where it can capture the person(s) license plate as they drive away.

  3. Mary Dellenbusch says:

    Anyone that does this to their kids not only is mind fucking them big time but I curse them to die a most horrific death! Kids are for life assholes!! These babies were so scared….

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