ABC7 News reporter and her photographer kept burned cat comfortable in their van until help could be found

Veronica Miracle started out the day as a reporter for the ABC7 News in the Los Angeles community and is quickly becoming a heroine in the world of cat advocacy after assisting in the care for a cat pulled by firefighters from a burning house in Oak Park that was completely destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

“Miracle” saved from Woolsey Fire (Veronica Miracle)
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A Twitter post by Veronica stated just how dire the situation was

“The roof has completely come off of the house,” Miracle said of the home the animal was rescued from, adding of the cat, “His whiskers are all singed off.”

Veronica had trouble getting emergency care for the cat because of the shelters in the area being either full or at risk of catching fire. She and her photographer kept the cat as comfortable as possible in the news van as Veronica made calls until they found a place to provide treatment.

Although the cat was burned badly on one of his legs his coat kept him from suffering direct flame exposure. He’s doing so well the vet will likely release him from the ICU tomorrow and allow him to go home to his family.

RealNews Forever who posted the above video stated:

“This cat was rescued by firefighters in Oak Park and given to neighbors. They tried to find a veterinarian on Twitter and someone answered and brought him to the Hospital. A female ABC7 reporter kept tweeting until he got a ride. Many cat lovers were concerned and helped. Real Newsforever retweeted also. Thanks, to all who helped.. #WoolseyFire #OakParkCat #HillFire

A GoFundMe webpage was set up for “Miracle” by @KellanMartz to help with his vet expenses as well as to assist the family.

“The vet bill is going to cost over $4,000 and the family who owns the cat lost their home in the fires. We can be a bright spot in this terrible fire season by raising the money needed to pay for the cat’s medical bills. Anything extra will be donated to the family who lost their home and owns this cat.

Thank you from Veronica Miracle, myself, and the vet team that saved this “Miracle” cat. *** This campaign is not affiliated with ABC, ABC7, or any related entity”

Here is her tweet:

Cat is now in the ICU. We’ve learned he’s a boy. Prognosis is fair. He’s burned on his back leg. Needs to be monitored for the next 48 hours.

— Veronica Miracle (@ABC7Veronica) November 9, 2018

Everyone involved in the firefighting during deadly California fires is a hero and our thoughts and prayers go out to those trying to control the blaze as well as to all of those who lost everything they had (including their lives).

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8 thoughts on “ABC7 News reporter and her photographer kept burned cat comfortable in their van until help could be found”

  1. I’m one of these weird people that wonder where she got the crate.

    Anyway, I’m glad the kitty is doing well. Trauma sneaks up on you. It’s great that the reporter was able to help.

    • In reading other articles about fires, I’ve determined that fireman must have pet crates in their trucks. Crates file nicely and would not take up much room

  2. At least the fire was an accident— the cat was not burned because of abuse, just in a house fire. I just can’t take anymore animal abuse stories. And it was good the cat was cared for and is doing well.

    • I feel like I’m running through hell when I have to cover the abuse stories. I do them so fast I barely know what I wrote because if I don’t they’ll drag me down.

      • I read that animal shelter workers have among the highest suicide rates, maybe because they are exposed to so many distressing cases, or particularly if they have to euthanize. I could never do it. God bless them.


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