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  2. This subject is maddening to me because the elderly couple living behind me assign human attributes to their cats all the time. No matter how many times I tell them that Little Rickie won’t “learn his lesson” by tossing him outside when he soils outside the box or Magpie really doesn’t “know what she’s doing to us” when she knocks things from counters, I get nowhere.

    • I bought new litter pans at the farm store this week. While checking out the cashier went on about no matter how deep of a pan she bought her cats deliberately threw litter out of the box and tracked it all over. As she was still going after I pulled my card out of the machine I took a moment to tell what an ignorant female dog she was. During this one sided rant I squeezed in things like covered litter boxes, mats and that cats do not do things to be spiteful to their owners. I’ve reached the end of my rope listening to people rant about the pets they choose to have. I have 2 six week old kittens in the living room and while they hit the box they get litter everywhere because of the shallow pan they have right now. If you have cats you can save yourself a lot of angst by purchasing a hand held vacuum

  3. My first opinion is that (I’ll call it -a-) -a- is normal, it’s a baseline, but it’s the idea that processing what one perceives being a only human capability that is the problem. An a relationship with a non-human shouldn’t be looked upon as a substitute for a “proper” or “human” one. It’s jus different. There are extremes as in anything, like this very notion that animals are not allowed to act like humans, or “can’t”. We here know that all animals have experiences that can be thought of as similar – they’re just to varying degrees. I myself just got a little fish and am delighted to see that he (or she) too experiences my presence, and because I take care not to startle or rattle him and bring him fortune (food)… he “likes” me and lights up when I’m near. This may be old news to some but I recall people saying fish have no feelings, which I saw immediately that that was untrue. There’s nothing wrong with seeing things the way they are, and people who don’t, simply refuse to.

    • I agree with you. I see my cat as a close companion and friend. I see him as a cat but the relationship has a some human qualities. I am sure that there are a wide range of relationships between cat and cat owner. Some will genuinely anthropomorphise their cats while others won’t even believe they feel pain.

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