About Geert Wilders’ 2 cats Noortje and Pluisje not forgetting Snoetje

Geert Wilders has just won a shock, monster election victory (monsterzege) for his Freedom Party in the Dutch elections and is all over the international news, which has promoted me to look into his two cats who have a Twitter X account with 23.2k followers at the date of this post.

Wilders is labelled a ‘firebrand’ and has campaigned for halting immigration into The Netherlands. He’s right wing and it seems the electorate have shifted to the right with too much uncontrolled immigration as is the case in the UK and with post Covid issues such as the rising cost of living. They want change.

Wilders’ so called ‘incendiary language’ and instantly recognisable looks have made him someone who gives the impression that he can forge change.

On the left Noortje a female calico and on the right is Pluisje a male ginger tabby. Image: Geert Wilders.
On the left Noortje a female calico and on the right is Pluisje a male ginger tabby. Image: Geert Wilders.
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The cats

So, what about his cats? There is some confusion on their Twitter X feed because the feed is called ‘Snoetje en Pluisje‘ with a header image of these two cats, both ginger tabbies, but there is a third cat featured in the feed named Noortje (calico).

Snoetje and Pluisje who are cats owned by Wilders with a Twitter X account.
The header image to their Twitter X feed. Notice that they are 2 ginger tabby-and-whites. Image: Twitter.

My guess is that Snoetje and Pluisje are siblings and they are ginger tabby-and-white cats and therefore probably both males. I will also guess and say that Snoetje has passed over the rainbow bridge which is why we have Noortje in his place who is female and a calico cat: tortoiseshell-and-white.

All the photos are of Norortje and Pluisje. Noortje’s birthday was on May 5th this year when she was five years old. Pluisje’s birthday was on Feb 16th when he was 10-years-of-age. Pluisje is a ginger tabby as mentioned. He looks his 10 years of age. You can see the age in his face. In fact I wonder if he is older than 10. If he was adopted from a shelter which is likely he may well be older than ten as they may have to estimate age. He looks more like 13-14 to me which may explain Snoetje’s passing (if I am correct). Wrong? Please comment and correct me.

It is interesting that Geert is portrayed by the news media as almost racist. But he loves cats. Someone who loves cats is unlikely to be racist I’d argue because if you like cats you are sensitive to vulnerable creatures. You are sensitive to the vulnerable. Armed with that kind of sensitivity it is unlikely that you’ll be someone who hates immigrates. It may be that he just does not like the fact that too much immigration is changing the culture of The Netherlands as he sees it. I am guessing again.

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Here is a portrait of Pluisje by Geert or his partner if he has one:

Pluisje a cat owned by Geert Wilders
Pluisje. Image: Geert Wilders.

And here we have Noortje:

Noortje, a calico cat owned by Geert Wilders and partner (if he has one).
Noortje. Image by Geert Wilders.

The names are Dutch cat names. Noortje is a name used for cats, dogs and rabbits. The name Noortje is popular for female pets. Pluisje is not listed as a male human name. It is a popular name for female pets.

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  1. First he adopted Snoetje and Pluisje from the shelter, they are both female by the way! He let his followers pick their names. The name Pluisje means something like “Fluffy” in English. After Snoetje passed (RIP) they adopted Noortje.


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