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The creator of Pictures of cats org, Michael Broad, with Magnacats Jack Black, who is a Regional Winner and a Supreme Grand Champion. The breeder and owner is Carol Campbell. Photograph ©copyright Helmi Flick.

If you like to know a bit about the person who built this website please read on.

I am a retired solicitor (qualified lawyer in the UK) who practiced divorce law and some general low. I live in Barnes, West London, England. Before practicing as a locum solicitor I worked in a number of businesses including photofinishing and, yes, there were other jobs including working as a freelance photographer illustrating articles on well known personalities. This was mainly photo-journalistic portrait photography and my first form of self-employment.

Having retired from law work in 2005, I decided to keep myself focused by building a website that could earn money to improve the lives of cats on an international level. This has been a rewarding challenge the result of which is this website. The site is constantly under construction. You can see how it is doing in terms of earnings by clicking on this link: Pictures of donations.

My mother passed on her love of cats to me but my interest in animals goes wider. Having a great interest in wildlife and its preservation, I am painfully aware of the gradual erosion of wild cat habitat. I believe that not enough emphasis is being placed on this. I am also aware of the difficult lives of domestic cats in many parts of the world. This site discusses this on a number of levels. But the core of the website is Helmi’s wonderful cat photographs.

I have kept cats for many years. They have always been moggies that have come to me. My favorite cat is the one who comes to me and quietly asks for help. I currently have one and half cats. Binnie, lives with me and my partner. She is a female tuxedo cat, 16 years of age, who I found hiding under a parked car on a cold November night in London’s Nottinghill Gate, where I lived at the time. Update: She sadly passed away at about aged 19-20 in 2011. I miss her terribly. She had good, long life.

The other is a tuxedo male stray cat who comes and goes. I prefer cats to dogs because, like cats I am independently minded and decidedly not a pack animal.

I continue to have an interest in photography and I have always like to play and watch sport.

I am pleased to be the creator of Pictures of cats org. I hope that you enjoy the website. There is lots more to do for the love and welfare of the domestic and wild cats of the world.

About the photograph: This was taken by Helmi at the Waxahachie cat show on 22nd-23rd Nov.2008. Waxahachie is in Texas about 50 kms south of Dallas.

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