Abu Hurairah and Cats | PoC

Abu Hurairah and Cats | PoC.

Please click the link above to read about this important person in the Islamic faith. Below is an introduction.

This is an interesting example of how a prominent Muslim who lived at the very beginning of the Islamic faith loved domestic cats just as Muhammad did.

Abu Hurairah was an important follower and companion of Muhammad. He had a small, male cat companion. We don’t know the cat’s name. We are told he carried his cat around in a bag. He was named after the Arabic for ‘father of cats’.

At the beginning of the Islamic faith, in fact, before its official beginning, senior people in the religion showed a love of the domestic cat. Where has this notable characteristic of Muslims gone?

We don’t associate Muslims with a love of cats. Except Ahsan, a valued contributor to PoC who lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. He cares for feral cats.

But Ahsan describes a lot of cruelty towards stray and feral cats in Pakistan. This upsets and disturbs me and it is particularly poignant when reflecting on the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his follower/companion Abu Hurairah.

The mentality of the typical Muslim that I know in the UK is not suited to liking cats. Far from it. In general there is a lack of sophistication which presents a barrier to recognising the finer aspects and pleasures of being a domestic cat guardian.

It is extremely fortunate that Muhammad loved cats. There has not been enough focus on this important aspect of the Prophet’s life. It could be used to good advantage to further the welfare of cats in the UK and in all countries where the Islamic faith is prominent.

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5 thoughts on “Abu Hurairah and Cats | PoC”

  1. Agreed with every single word which you have printed above Michael, thank you for putting me as an example, still I am failed in forwarding the love of cats message to my nationals and they think it is any kind of dirty animal or some thing like a sort of 🙁

    But these are so called moslems of today therefore we can not blame our Orthodox Islam for that. It is us, Muslims, who need to change our attitudes and thoughts towards the welfare of our neighborhood cats, which need our help in food, water, shelter and milk etc.

    Today! being an ORTHODOX moslem (sunni creed) I challenge to this time’s moslem ummah, where are your believes standing? Are you really following Islam or just your own interests? Is this Islam? that does even not protecting humanity rather to say PROTECT THE ANIMALS who surrounds you??? I am really sick of watching every thing NEGATIVE all around me and there are talks but not practical implemented Islam. Fed up really 🙁

    Thank you Michael 🙂 <3

    • It is a great shame that a tiny percentage of mainly young Muslim men who are disillusioned with their lives in the West have hijacked the Islam faith for their own ends. Many innocent and law abiding Muslims living in the West now feel threatened because a high percentage of Westerners, in my experience, see Muslims as a problem.

      • hahahaha Michael! if you will see muslims as a problem then you will rise a war that will end till your or all cat lovers blood shed and then…. hahahaha if a man is ill, he requires to be treated not euthanised hahahaha the same is with the cats….and I am in favor of the idea that no….in no case cats should neither be euthanised if they are at their deadly end of pain of illness….so violence is not the solution of these acts.

        What if our own govts are creating these events to be…..I mean these every single terrorists are their own internal employees????

        It is very hard to think that terrorists came inside any building and they had limit range of weapons and it was very easy for the police to kill them all at the end. They were told to us the most dangerous people on the planet earth.

        I hate politicians first, killing politicians is not the solution, just remove them and bring good people, So the same is that those who are playing with people must be removed , corrected, treated by docs, or what so ever mean within the humane frame work otherwise I will start to think that Michael Broad is starting to begin a CAT TALIBAAN minded person.

        Though I am seriously speaking every word but with the tone of friend with friend argument. Michael live long and keep positive smile on your face, You don’t know what is like to live in Pakistan. Just smile my friend.

        Gabriel’s video? no one???I always wait love to him and TC you too <3

        • Personally, I don’t see Muslims as a problem and indeed have worked with many because 99% want a quiet life but a growing number of secular people in the West see a problem with the Islamic faith due to the terrorism. The broad mass of Muslims should do more to stop terrorism proactively. It is in the hands of Muslims themselves to show the way to a peaceful cohabitation with non-Muslims. Why isn’t there a lot more work going by senior Muslims at the grass roots to educate young Muslims about tolerance of others including so called ‘unbelievers’?

          That is all I can say. It is not good for the Islam faith. We could end up with a sort of religious war in the West: secular versus Muslims.

          • Agreed with you, personally I also see an upcoming dangerous religion war and lots of blood shed. I see that ignorance can be removed by education. The education finances are in the hands of the law and law is made by politicians of the country.

            Look at me Michael! if I were in Pakistan from my early child hood, I often think that I should remain as ignorant as other Pakis. But It is my best luck that I was raised i Catholic church of Belgium, the same transformed inside me from the very start but it was gone at the age of 16. I started to understand the Islamic faith and I loved it. I brought up in the west. But now I don’t want to go to the west. I just want to send my three daughters in the west but it seem to me that the terrorists are making it difficult for a father like me to trust the west.

            They say every action has a re-action. And the same action has been started from the west soldiers in Afghanistan. Russia was nothing for us (moslems) and even America is an ANT in front of Moslems. ( I mean true moslems not innocent people-slaughterers, they are Bastards).

            When I learnt Islam from spiritual school of Orthodoxy thaughts, I came to know how to treat humans, animals and even un-seen.

            Humanity is the basic lesson of Islam which every one has forgotten today. These people who call themselves JIHADIS are actually outsiders and injected people. We in Pakistan even don’t like them. But where there comes an issue with cats, AAAaaaaahhhh…Pakis even don’t like cats and dogs. Now this is because of their own created mind, It has nothing to do with Islam. Therefore I always say, that govt. which has no interest in people’s welfare, how can it promote any welfare for cats. When everyone is busy in making money, money, money and money. I don’t see any change Michael! every thing is going on the dark side of the force. And this is what I hate a lot. But I love every cat lover of the east and west and HATS off for you personally <3 <3 <3


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