Aby Siamese Mix with a Personality to Match

by K Fitzwater
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Adidas is our Abyssinian Siamese mix breed. He is the most talkative cat I have ever met and sometimes it seems like he actually might be trying to have a conversation with you. I might say, “Not now Adidas”, in response to his loud meow, and then he would reply with a meow that almost sounds like a question. He loves to do things that a “good boy” would do, which is our way of telling him to do something to get a treat; most of the time he will go to his scratching post and scratch for a treat, or he will roll over on his back and look at you with the sweetest face, its hard to resist.

He also likes to pout when he doesn’t get his way, like one day he knocked my favorite vase off the counter and I was very angry with him; so the rest of the day, no matter what room I was in he would be in the room within my eyesight with his back turned to me. 🙂

Although he can be very mischievous, like any cat, Adidas is by far the sweetest and most intelligent cat I have ever owned and it must be his Abyssinian side that brings his great demeanor to him.

Admin: I love this article. It conveys the special relationship between person and cat very well. Thank you for sharing.

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