Abyssinian Cat Behavior

Abyssinian Cat - Hawkeye - photograph copyight Helmi Flick

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Abyssinian Cat - Hawkeye - photograph copyight Helmi Flick

While the Abyssinian is well known to be among the more active breeds, cat photographer, Helmi Flick's husband and cat wrangler, Ken, who coaxes all of her feline subjects into photogenic poses (or attempts to) says, "Where Abyssinians are concerned, common behavioral terms such as "active" don't begin to describe these busy little buggers. They're more like monkeys on crack!"

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Helmi Flick and a Chausie Cat
Wildkatz Bwana Bushwah an F1 Chausie
photo copyright Helmi Flick

Ken further notes, "We used to have an F1 Chausie, "Wildkatz Bwana Bushwah," who was half Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus) and half Abyssinian. Bushwah was a busy boy, indeed, and being new to wild/domestic hybrids, both Helmi and I presumed that it was Bushwah's Jungle Cat father who gave him his uberactive nature. But then later, as we spent more time working with Abys and trying to get them to hold still for a few formal poses, we came to realize that Bushwah was serene by comparison. And that this was because he was only half Abyssinian!"

Notice how comparatively small Bushwah's head is in relationship to his much bigger body than the Aby.

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