Abyssinian Cat Quiz


Abyssinian Cat Quiz

Abyssinian Cat – this photo helps with some of the answers. This is an athletic cat with a special tabby coat that is called “ticked”. There are few markings.

Please click on the START button and have fun. The photo is by Tscherno. There are nine multiple-answer questions.

Abyssinian Cat Quiz

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The Abyssinian is a slender, agile cat with a tabby coat with very few tabby markings. A lot of websites say that this cat was imported from Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) to Europe and others state the Abyssinian originally comes from the west coast of India where there are jungle cat hybrids. The story is that a British soldier travelled from India to Ethiopia then to England with his cat, the first Abyssinian. Well, this happened later than a stuffed Abyssinian cat in a Dutch museum. Confused? The quiz covers this if you are unsure.

The truth is we are not sure about the early history of these cat breed. It is great to speculate but it does not make the history more certain. The cat statues that were made by ancient Egyptians, which you can see in museum look like the Abyssinian cat. Is that significant? We don’t know either!

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